An exclamation is a single word which can be a sentence by itself. We often think of exclamations as outbursts, such as an epithet or invective, but they also include short responses.

ghobe' No. Only as answer to a yes/no question
Ha' Let's go. -
HIja' / HISlaH Yes. Only as answer to a yes/no question
lu' / luq Okay. / I will. as a confirmation to a command, or as agreement.
maj Good. expressing satisfaction, also see good night. Possible to say thank you
majQa' Very good. / Well done. -
mevyap Stop. / Enough already. -
nuqneH What do you want? greeting
pItlh Done. / Finished. -
Qo' No, I won't. / I refuse. -
SuH / Su' Ready. -
toH Well. / So. / Aha. -
wejpuH Charming. only said ironically
'eH Ready. -
'o Oh. heard in songs(1)

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1 : paq'batlh, described at qep'a' 18

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