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The Extended Corpus Project is an attempt to catalogue words attributed to the Klingon race from sources connected to Star Trek but not (necessarily) to tlhIngan Hol. Most of the words here are not properly part of the Klingon language as considered by speakers of the language, they even have sounds not in Klingon, but have been presented as instances of Klingon, both in otherwise authorized Star Trek sources (e.g., the hundreds of novels of Star Trek fiction), or unauthorized fan sources. The ECP was formed in the interests of completion and is an ongoing effort, one which (unlike most KLI projects) does not require extensive knowledge of the language. If you'd like to assist in this effort, contact Felix Malmenbeck, the current ECP Coordinator (2015).

Until May 2001 the volunteers of the ECP have poured over some 74 of the 336 Star Trek novels published by Pocket Books, as well as numerous books from other sources. More than two thirds of these items have yielded noncanonical Klingon examples. Under the stewardship of William Longton from 2000 to 2001 the online list of this extended corpus has grown to 769 separate entries. (1)

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1 : Message by Lawrence M. Schoen to the mailing list, 25 May 2001

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