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Family Guy

Family Guy is a TV cartoon series on 20th Century Fox. During Episode 12, Season 18, main character Peter comes in dressed as Chancellor Gorkon from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Lois calls him out on it and they speak in Klingon. In a second scene, General Chang appears as a cameo and speaks one single word.


All of the Klingon is a clear result of the Bing translator app, which means that it's just gibberish. The pronunciation also is very bad.


# subtitles spoken words
1 I'm sorry, Lois, I only speak in Klingon now jIQoS, lois, neH jIvItpu' pa' tlhIngan DaH
2 Peter, where's the credit card? pe'tlhoS, nuqDaq 'oH Huch chaw'?
3 Where'd you learn Klingon? nuqDaq tlhIngan ghoj SoH?
4 A couple of the girls who do my nails are Klingons be'Hom 'Iv nails Qu'[qop] tlhInganpu'
5 and I just had to know if they were talking about me. 'ej vaj vIghel chaH jIHvaD (Sov neH vIghaj)
6 Oh, word? majQa', latlh mu'?
. (next scene)
7 You're grounded. yav
8 Oh, word? majQa', latlh mu'?


  • Line 1 seems to be a mix of two versions. When translating "I only speak in Klingon", Bing turns out as neH, vaj jIvItpu' pa' tlhIngan. That's what Peter says, plus the word DaH. When the subtitles are entered including the word "now", Bing's result is neH pejatlh pa' tlhIngan DaH.
  • The non-canon transcription pe'tlhoS for "Peter" originated from the Klingon translation of the Gospel of John, which is obviously part of Bing's database.
  • In Line 4, the word "who" is translated correctly as 'Iv, but that can not be used as a relative pronoun.
  • When translated with Bing, line 4 starts with "couple", which was omitted here. The additional syllable after Qu' is not part of the translation and might be an error of the actor.
  • The three final words of line 5 are provided by Bing, but not spoken.
  • Line 6: This translation for "Oh" comes from a line of Hamlet "O good, Horatio" - majQa' Horey'So (Act III Scene II). latlh mu' seems to be a combination of something else.

Suggested Correction

In their comments on Twitter, Klingonists Felix Malmenbeck and Daniel Dadap provided some suggestions for a proper translation: (1)
1 jIQoS, lo'IS. DaH tlhIngan Hol neH vIjatlh.
2 pIytIr, nuqDaq 'oHtaH Huch chaw''e'?
3 nuqDaq tlhIngan Hol Daghojta'?
4 tlhInganpu' chaH 'op nItlhpachDu'wIj 'IHmoHbogh be'pu''e'
5 'ej murIch chaH 'e' vISIvqu'
6 teH'a'?
. ..
7 bIlujpu'.
8 teH'a'?


1 : Tweet by @FamilyGuyonFOX of February 24, 2020

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