There is no verb to say that something is fast, as in The ship is fast . Klingon is very action based, i.e. using verbs. To express things moving fast, the adverb nom is to be used to desccribe the action. So instead of saying "You have a fast ship", you could say nom leng DujlIj "Your ship travels fast" (1).

Canon Examples

There is a line in paq'batlh possibly indicating how to compare adverbs.

nom leng Hun nom lengqu' lut. (2)
Stories travel faster than a khrun

tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp (3)
Hit them hard and hit them fast.


It is possible that because of Klingon's rigid word order, the ADVERBIAL + VERB may form a unit and therefore suffixes can emphasize the verbal unit as a whole since adverbials cannot take an affix. By modifying the example from The Klingon Way, you may be able to say:

pe'vIl tIqIpqu'
Hit them really, really hard!
Hit them as hard as you can!

Based on the example in paq'batlh and The Klingon Way, we should at last be able to express such ideas as(4):

nom leng DujlIj, nom lengqu' DujwIj.
My ship is faster than yours.

QIt tlhIngan Hol bIjatlh, QIt tlhIngan Hol jIjatlhqu'.
I speak Klingon more slowly than you.

batlh bIvang, batlh vangqu' HoDlI'.
Your captain acts more honorably than you.

pIj mon romuluSnganpu', pIj monqu' tera'nganpu'.
Terrans smile more often than Romulans.

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