Fluent speakers of Klingon

Most estimates say that there are about 20-30 fluent speakers of Klingon. (1) During a 2013 interview, Marc Okrand stated that he believes it may not be any higher than 100 people (2). Though it is always a matter of debate as to when somebody may be defined as speaking "fluently", the following people have been observed to be able to conduct a long conversation without needing a dictionary.

List of fluent speakers

The list is not complete, and these speakers all speak at different levels of fluency.


by Philip Newton (3)
There are probably more people who can carry on written conversations in Klingon via email, where they have time to think (and possibly consult dictionaries), but speaking in real-time is harder, not least because Klingon speakers are fairly far-flung and it’s hard to get the chance to practise. The advent of things such as Skype has made this easier, of course, but for many, it may be a once-a-year thing at a qepHom or the qep'a'.

by Nick Nicholas (4)
You are aware of the gaps in the vocabulary, and they are annoying; but it's a buzz when you manage to actually hold a decent conversation anyway. The last conversation I had in Klingon was the most surprising: at an airport, about how come deixis is pronounced with an [aj]. You wouldn't think Klingon was well suited to discussing English phonetics, and it isn't, but we managed it anyway.

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