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Food Vocabulary

This page lists all term related to food. Since Klingons consider all animals as being food, this list does not contain any animal names.

Real or fictional?

The following list contains a note dividing the words into "real" and "fiction". This might not be 100% accurate, but shall help the user to find words they can use in real life. To be precise, of course all of these words – that are not marked as a transliteration – are fictional. For instance, na'ran is a Klingon fruit, so it really is fictional. But it is described as looking like an orange, so it's marked as "real". On the other hand, qagh is not a terran dish, so it is marked "fiction".

General terms

Klingon Translation Source Category Reality
bIQ water TKD liquid, drink real
bIQyIn sandwich cookie qepHom 2015 other real
bIreQtagh bregit lung Addendum meat fiction
burgh quD naturally produced quD KGT meat fiction
chab pie, tart, dumpling Addendum general real
chabHom cookie, biscuit qepHom 2015 other real
chanDoq marinade KGT general real
chanDoq jeD thick marinade, sauce KGT liquid, sauce real
chatlh soup (thick) KGT general real
chertIS mint, menthoid plant qep'a' 2020 spice real
chuch ice TKD other real
Daghtuj animal parts mixed together (like a hot dog/sausage) KGT meat real
Dargh tea Addendum liquid, drink real
DayqIr honey qep'a' 2021 general real
Do'ol na' salt ??? general real
Duran lung DIr Durani lizard skins KCD meat fiction
ghaw' ighvah liver soup KGT meat fiction
ghevI' gagh sauce KGT liquid, sauce fiction
ghotI' fish HQ meat real
Ha'DIbaH meat meat real
Ha'DIbaH ghIH tIr ngogh je hamburger TNK meat real
HajDob leg (served as food) KGT meat fiction
Halrov treacle, syrup Alice liquid, food real
HIq liquor; ale; beer; wine TKD liquid, drink real
jInjoq type of Klingon bread qepHom 2014 other fiction
la'yIgh spice qepHom 2021 other real
loSpev quadrotriticale TKD other fiction
mavje' liver [regional] KGT meat real
naH fruit, vegetable Addendum fruit real
naHlet hard fruit, "nut" KGT fruit real
naHlet yub nut shell KGT fruit real
naHnagh fruit stone "pit" KGT fruit real
na'ran chang marmalade Alice general real
na'ran HuH marmalade Alice general real
nIm milk KGT liquid, drink real
nIm qulcher taD ice cream qep'a' 2020 dairy real
nIm tlhagh butter TNK dairy real
nIm wIb ngogh cheese TNK dairy real
ngam'eQ gluten qep'a' 2020 general real
paSjav plant like cinnamon qep'a' 2019 other real
pIchSIv vinegar general real
pIpyuS pach pipius claw meat fiction
pIvyoch pffiots (pungent Klingon beverage) liquid, drink fiction
qagh gagh, raw serpent worms Addendum meat fiction
qa'vIn coffee liquid, drink real
qettlhup thick marinade, sauce (regional) KGT liquid, sauce real
qompogh (unspecified type of food) fiction
quD (unspecified type of sauce) liquid, sauce fiction
qulcher cream qep'a' 2020 dairy real
qut na' salt general real
Qaj tlhuQ kradge tail meat fiction
QIm egg KGT general real
raHta' racht (a food similar to gagh) KGT meat fiction
ra'taj coffee with liquor KGT liquid, drink real
ro'qegh'Iwchab rokeg blood pie meat fiction
Soj food and/or drink TKD general real
Sotlhqel yolk general real
Su'lop (type of food given to animals, and then reacquired as quD) meat fiction
targh tIq heart of targ meat fiction
tIqnagh lemDu' Tknag hooves meat fiction
tIr grain TKD other real
tIr ngat bread crumbs Alice other real
tIr ngogh bread other real
tIr ngogh QaD toast other real
tlhagh fat KGT general real
tlhagh patat 'oQqar naQHommey French fries other real
tlhatlh gladst KGT fiction
tlhImqaH zilm'kach KGT fruit fiction
tlhIq stew KGT other real
tlhombuS (unspecified type of food) KGT meat fiction
vIychorgh juice, sap of a plant (regionally, any sauce) liquid, sauce real
wIlpuq pudding %qepa2008% other real
wornagh warnog, Klingon ale liquid, drink fiction
yub husk, rind, peel fruit real
yuch chocolate TKD other real
yuch ngogh chocolate bar other real
'awje' beverage like root beer liquid, drink real
'o'mat ghIrI' O'Mat Gri fiction
'un quD artificially produced quD KGT fiction
'uSu' gladst sauce KGT liquid, sauce fiction

Fruit and vegetables

We know of two types of fruit and vegetable names:
  • The first are fruits native on the Klingon homeworld. Their translations refer to real terran things, but they are all defined as "fruit which resembles xy terran fruit". When referring to the terran version of such a fruit, one usually adds the word tera', as in tera' na'ran.
    Two exceptions in this group are the tera' na'ran wIb, where it seems that Klingon do not have a lemon or a word for it, so they call it a "sour na'ran"; and the (tera') raS'IS moQ naH, which is just a straightforward description ("seed ball fruit") of the pomegranate, often mentioning that the fruit is Terran with the optional tera'.
  • The other sort of fruit/vegetable names are transliterations of true terran fruits. As these are not known to Klingons, most of them (with some exceptions such as qo'qo (coconut)) bear the apposition naH ("fruit") or 'oQqar ("root"). The appostion cannot be dropped.

Klingon fruit and vegetables

Klingon Translation Source
babton pepper (capsicum) qep'a' 2021
Hurgh pickle TKD
majaj cabbage; lettuce qep'a' 2021
na'ran sweet fruit, (Orange) KGT
peb'ot torpedo-shaped fruit (cucumber) KGT
pu'porgh 'oQqar ginger qep'a' 2021
qaq naH watermelon qep'a' 2021
qurgh beans
raS'IS moQ naH pomegranate qep'a' 2021
tapqej cherry qep'a' 2020
tera' na'ran wIb lemon TNK
tera' na'ran'a' grapefruit
(tera') yav 'atlhqam mushroom
vIno'va' qurgh finova beans
'epIn like a peach or apricot qep'a' 2020
'IventoH like a pineapple
'aquta' gourd, squash, pumpkin qep'a' 2020
'oQqar root, tuber KGT

Terran fruit and vegetables

Name + apposition Translation
banan naH banana
gharlIq 'oQqar garlic
ghIrep naH grape
menggho' naH mango
patat 'oQqar potato
per naH naH pear
pIlam naH plum  
qe'rot 'oQqar carrot
qo'qo   coconut
raSber naH raspberry
Sutra'ber naH strawberry
tanje'rIn tangerine, clementine, mandarin
tomat naH tomato
'anyan 'oQqar onion
'epIl naH apple

Other Terran borrowings

These are borrowings from Federation Standard for Terran foods, other than fruits and vegetables:
Klingon Translation Source Category
bambu' bamboo other
meyIS tIr corn (maize) TKN other
paSta' pasta, noodles other
pItSa' chab pizza TKN other
qo'la' 'awje' cola TKN other
ray' tIr rice TKN other
Su'ghar qut sugar TKN other

Types of pasta include bo (penne), mIv (shells), and SIrgh (spaghetti).


Klingon Translation
nIQ breakfast
megh lunch
'uQ dinner, supper
ghem midnight snack


Klingon Translation
wIb be sour, bitter, tart
na' be salty, brackish
na'ran rur resembles a naran, sweet
baQ be fresh, just picked, just fallen off the plant
DeH be ripe, overripe
QaD be dry, dried out
ghoQ be fresh, be just killed [meat]
tlhorgh be pungent
tlhorghHa' be bland
'ey be delicious, be txsty
Qop be dead (referring to food) [slang usage, lit. be worn out]
vut prepare food (no heating involved)
HaH soak, drench, marinade
pID season, coat with herbs
wech serve at peak stage of fermentation
'Im render, boil fat
Qev stew
mIQ fry, deepfry
Suqqa' prepare quD in a specific way
Sop eat
tlhutlh drink
'ep consume soup
noS eat small mouthfuls, nibble
mum taste, sense flavors
waH taste, try out


Satlh n. agriculture
Du' n. farm
wIj v. farm
Du' naH n. farm fruit or vegetable, produce
naH tlhab n. free fruit or vegetable
yob v. harvest
poch v. plant
tap v. mash
rogh v. ferment (Intransitive: food is subject)
roghmoH v. ferment (transitive: make s.th. ferment)
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