According to Webster's, a grammarian is "a specialist or expert in grammar" and also "a person who claims to establish or is reputed to have established standards of usage in a language". (1) Wikipedia defines it as "a scientist who studies language"(2).

In the KLI

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The title of a grammarian shows great honor and respect in the KLI. It refers generally to one with an acknowledged deep command of the Klingon language, but specifically to those who have been granted that rank: First, Captain Krankor, grammarian of the mailing list. He then appointed Mark Shoulson to the post. After that the title "grammarian" wasn't used, but there was a "Beginners' Grammarian" (BG) designated to handle questions from newcomers.


The "rank" as it exists today is essentially an honorary one, conferred upon those who have done time as Beginners' Grammarian, or have otherwise distinguished themselves as Klingonists of note who are both extremely knowledgeable and capable of using that knowledge wisely.

The title of "grammarian" is not the same title as "Beginners' Grammarian". While a Beginners' Grammarian is an honourable and valid title, the position itself is most often offered to mid-level speakers to help them get experience through teaching the language. To be a "grammarian" one has to demonstrate a deep understanding of the language, an understanding that cannot be gained through a year of answering questions on the mailing list.

There are Beginners' Grammarians that have become grammarians through dedicated study though, while others have gone on to do other things and no longer possess as much skills as they did when they served.

At this point, it is not known or defined how one achieves the rank of grammarian, or how it is granted by anyone.


There is a Grammarian (pab pIn) rank in the Klingon Language Certification Program (one level above the highest regular level). There is no associated written test. The certified rank of Grammarian is bestowed by acclamation of other Grammarians after the candidate shows his or her worth for a significant time.

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