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Grammatical terms in Klingon

This page describes canon grammatical terminology and non-canon terminology used by some people.


When talking about "word X", then mu' follows the word: X mu'. (1)


For a very long time, we only had basic words from TKD (noun, verb, leftovers), but the special GrammaticalTermsExplained were missing, so some KLI members had come up with the following ways to describe those terms. At qep'a' 2019, some new useful terms have appeared.

term canon term source non-canon suggestion meaning credit
subject SeSor qep'a' 2019 vangwI' thing which acts general
direct object 'ovmay qep'a' 2019 DoS target Steven Boozer
indirect object vI'Hop qep'a' 2019 - - -
transitive verb not known   qIpbogh wot hitting verb Steven Boozer
intransitive verb not known   qIpbe'bogh wot not-hitting verb Steven Boozer
adjective DIp DelwI' qep'a' 2022 DelmeH wot verb for describing Steven Boozer and Paul Clegg
noun DIp TKD - - -
verb wot TKD - - -
preverb wot nungwI' qep'a' 2022 - - -
stative verb wot tam qep'a' 2022 - - -
non-stative verb wot chuS qep'a' 2022 - - -
pronoun lIw mu' qep'a' 2020 DIp lIw noun replacement Steven Boozer
adverb qunI' qep'a' 2020 - - -
prefix moHaq TKD - - -
suffix mojaq TKD - - -
sentence mu'tlhegh TKD - - -
paragraph mu'tlhegh meS qep'a' 2021 mu'tlhegh'a' major sentence David Barron
clause not known   mu'tlheghHom minor sentence general
interrogative not known   yu'bogh mu' interrogating word Glen Proechel
define (verb) ghaS qep'a' 2022 'oS represent Steven Boozer

Steven Boozer thought it seems appropriate that Klingons would expect their verbs to have "targets". If verbs take targets, it seems only correct that they would be considered verbs that 'hit' them. Steven Boozer notes he's used Qaybogh wot before, though.

Note that preverbs do not occur in the Klingon language. The aword appears in this list to talk about other languages, in this case Toki Pona.


1 : confirmed for QelIS boqHarmeyAlice's Adventures in Wonderland in Klingon, re-confirmed in the new word list of qep'a' 2022

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