• jIb is only hair on the top of your head.
  • loch is the hair on your upper lip.
  • rol is the hair on your face that covers you chin/neck area.
  • pob is hair from the neck down; Arm hair is DeS pob.

The words cover both the hair and the entire construction, so rol refers to a beard as well as the hair that makes up the beard. However, ear hair or nose hair is talked about using pob, and pob can be used to talk about face hair or head hair but it would be considered very strange to do so. (1)


The word for "fur" is veD. An animal's hair or fur is pob.

A cat's whiskers would be called pu'vengmey. It would also be used for the antennae on insects. But pu'veng is really the word for "twig" (which is why the plural is formed with -mey and not -Du').(2)

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