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Helsinki in 2017 is a bid to bring the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) to Helsinki, Finland in 2017.(1)

Klingon translation of the voting page

The Voting page is available in multiple languages(2). On 19 June, KLI director Lawrence M. Schoen asked for assistance to translate the voting page into Klingon. Alan Anderson provided a translation on 26 June 2015 on the Facebook group entitled "Klingon Language Institute".(3)

In order to vote for Worldcon Site Selection (and our bid!):
qo'qep Daq (Helsinki veng je) DawIvmeH:
1. Get a membership (Supporting is currently USD $40, though they are allowed to raise it) to Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon.
cha-pagh-wa-vagh qo'qep, Sasquan, vInDa' yImoj (DaHjaj bIDIlmeH 'ut loSmaH DeQ, 'ach ghurlu' net chaw').
2. Download and print the site selection ballot.
Daq wIvmey tetlh yIHotlh 'ej yIghItlh.
3. Go to the Sasquan site again to pay the site selection voting fee so that your ballot will be valid. This fee will be converted to your automatic supporting membership for whichever bid wins 2017.
mubchoHmeH wIvmey tetlhlIj, SaSquan weQmoQnaQ De' yIHotlhqa' ghIq wIvwI' qav'ap yIDIl (QapwI' ghaqwI' Damoj 'e' DIlchoH qav'apvam).
4. Fill in your choices for Worldcon 2017 locations in order of preference. We hope you will vote for Helsinki as your first choice, but if you don't, please consider us as a second preference!
cha-pagh-wa'-vagh qo'qep Daqmey tIbuv. patlh DamaSbogh yIqon. (Helsinki DamaSchu' 'e' wItul, 'ach nIvqu' 'e' DaQubbe'chugh, wIvlIj cha'DIch maH 'e' Daqonjaj.)
5. Send your ballot by postal mail, by attending the convention in person, or by email — Sasquan will allow email ballots this year to be sent to
wIvmey tetlhlIj DangeHmeH, HIjwI' nav qatwI'Daq DalanlaH, pagh qo'qepDaq DanoblaH SoH, pagh jabbI'ID DalI'laH — DISvam tetlhmey lajbeH Quv.
6. Feel free to email to tell us you voted, and/or ask us to make sure your vote has been received, and/or to get further help if you run into difficulty, and/or to hear our gratitude for your participation in this election.
juja' DaneHchugh, yIrI'. bIwIvta' juja'laH. wIvlIj wIHevta' 'e' Da'olmeH juja'laH. HIQaH juja'laH. bIjeSmo' tlho'maj DaQoymeH juja'laH.


1 : retrieved 26 June 2015

2 : - "Vote for us", Voting page of Helsiniki in 2017, retrieved on 29 June 2015

3 : Message to the facebook Group "Klingon language Institute", by Alan Anderson, 26 Jun 2015, 8:55 pm

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