Hol Dop

Hol Dop or loHpoD is a language game invented by Jack Bradley and first presented on Twitter in April of 2019. Its name literally means opposite language and is played by reversing the syllables of words. Its inspiration came from similar language games in other languages, such as Verlan in European French.


In Klingon:

  1. 'InDogh luDopmoHlu'; mu' naQ qa'. (nuqjatlh --> quntlhaj jatlhlu' 'a tlhajqun jatlhlu'be')
  2. moHaq luDopmoHlu'be'.
  3. mu' rInmoHchugh way yay ghap, qaghwI' je, qaghwI' noplu'. (ray' --> yar)
  4. tay'chugh ray ghay je vaj ray noplu' mu' DopmoHlu'DI'. (vay' vIlargh --> yav vIghal)
  5. Hoch mu' DopnISmoHbe'lu'. (vay' 'up vIlargh --> vay' 'up vIghal)

In English:

  1. The syllables are reversed internally by their order within a word is not reversed. (nuqjatlh --> you say quntlhaj but not tlhajqun)
  2. Prefixes are not reversed.
  3. If a word ends in a y or w followed by the apostrophe then the apostrophe is dropped. (ray' -> yar)
  4. If a r precedes a gh then the r is dropped. (vay' vIlargh --> yav vIghal)
  5. Not everything has to be reversed. (vay' 'up vIlargh --> vay' 'up vIghal)

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