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Over the years, Marc Okrand has revealed a lot of interesting information and new words in HolQeD, the quarterly journal of the Klingon Language Institute.

List of articles

The following is a list of articles that have been transcribed and are found in this wiki.

Issue Title Summary
v10n2 A Friend of Maltz: nItlhDu' yaDDu' je How do the Klingons relate to their fingers? And then how do they consider their toes? Are they all just "flexible"? Maltz tell us a bit more about a previously neglected part of the Klingon vocabulary.
v10n4 matlh juppu' mu'mey Maltz gives us a lesson in Klingon bird-watching, and talks about how to distinguish a few types of them, as well as how to discuss pecking, flying and the various body parts of birds.
v11n2 matlh jup mu'mey Maltz tells us something about how to discuss flying and piloting of airplanes and shuttlecrafts.
v11n3 More From Maltz Anecdote telling the origin of the word Hutvagh.
v12n2 Maltz's Reward: Part I Maltz tells which words to use to refer to ends of physical objects and periods of time.
v12n3 Maltz's Reward: Part II Maltz talks about the concept of false honor.
v12n4 Maltz’s Reward: Part III Maltz talks about the names of the head's varying bodily functions, and tells us the words for snoring, spitting, vomiting and the like.
v13n1 Maltz's Reward: Part IV Maltz explains how to say "A is as Q as B" and how to say "A isn't Q:er than B".
v1n3 Additional Vocabulary Reprint of list of words occurring in 1990 in veS QonoS
v2n2 Letters to the Editor (excerpt) Marc Okrand applauds the Klingon Language Institute and their efforts and notes that HolQeD is an actual existing Klingon word.
v2n4 Okrand's Notes Okrand reveals words for "weather", "ear", "winning" and "losing", "writing", some musical terminology, and a suggestion on how to express "with" (in the sense of "accompanied by").
v4n2 Interview: Okrand on -bogh and more Talking about focus and topic markers, and a solution to use the word "with".
v4n3 Everyday Klingon Transcription of SkyBox trading cards S7, S8, and S9 and trading cards S13, S14 and S15.
v4n4 More from Maltz additional information regarding words relating to groups or assemblies + talking about possible negations of adverbials
v5n1 A Note on Proverbs Discussing vocabulary about proverbs
v5n2 More on Hoch Clarifies the usage of Hoch (when it comes before a noun). Describes the difference in meaning when using it with an explicitly pluralized noun and a non-pluralized noun. -- Nothing is said about Hoch occuring after a noun, though.
v5n3 Everyday Klingon Transcription of SkyBox trading cards S25, S26 and S27.
v7n2 Maltz Online Explaing how to use the verb SIv, and intrduce new words for fork and spoon.
v7n4 Interview with Marc Okrand Okrand taks about some vebs of motion, verbs of speech, and some other verbs.
v8n1 Maltz Online reprint of some messages from the Usenet group, with minor changes in formatting:

* st.k February 21st, 1998 - expressing color brown
* st.k December 7th, 1998 - word referring to wall
* st.k February 2nd, 1999 - How to tell time
v8n3 matlh juppu' mu'mey new words for: top and bottom, too much, ago/from now, jealousy
v8n4 Maltz Online New Klingon words for compass directions, plus a new adverbial with a related idiom.
v9n3 matlh jup mu'mey introducing family terms and mathematical operations
v9n4 More from Maltz About new word tangqa' (bull), which was needed for the translation of Gilgamesh.
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