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Issue select 1 v1n1,v1n2,v1n3,v1n4,v2n1,v2n2,v2n3,v2n4,v3n1,v3n2,v3n3,v3n4,v4n1,v4n2,v4n3,v4n4,v5n1,v5n2,v5n3,v5n4,v6n1,v6n2,v6n3,v6n4,v7n1,v7n2,v7n3,v7n4,v8n1,v8n2,v8n3,v8n4,v9n1,v9n2,v9n3,v9n4,v10n1,v10n2,v10n3,v10n4,v11n1,v11n2,v11n3,v11n4,v12n1,v12n2,v12n3,v12n4,v13n1,v13n2,v13n3,v13n4,v14n1,v14n2    
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Original text 80 REDLINK-klingonska-org/canon/______.txt URL at Klingonska Akademien  
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Category1 select 1 Canon    

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