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HolQeD article of vol. 1 issue 3, September 1992, page 9

Written by Marc Okrand; Originally published in HolQeD, the quarterly journal of the Klingon Language Institute, Flourtown, PA, ISSN 1061-2327.


Reprint of list of words occurring in 1990 in veS QonoS


Written by Lawrence M. Schoen

One of the purposes of the KLI is to establish and maintain a collection of works relating to Klingon language and culture. The following is an excerpt from an issue of veS QonoS, a newsletter published by Mortas-Te-Kaase, dated 1990. It was supplied by Tom Scheuer who, along with Marc Okrand, graciously provided permission for its reprinting in HolQeD. While a few of the items below were more formally published in last year's reissue of TKD, most of them will be new to you, and are a welcome addition.

The following word list was granted permission for publication in veS QonoS by the HolloD on 490/3.18 (Copyright 1990 Marc Okrand). Reprinting of this list in any other work is prohibited without the express permission of Marc Okrand.

tera'ngan tlhIngan
sex (i.e., perform sex; always subject) nga'chuq
pregnant (be pregnant) yatlh
monitor (n, i.e., a device) jIH
pneumatic hypo Hergh QaywI' (or HerghwI' for short)
thermo-suture tuj muvwI'
laser 'uD'a'
laser scalpel 'uD Haqtaj
paralyze (cause to be paralyzed) roSHa'moH
sterilize Say'qu'moH
radiation woj
gravity tlham
reactor woj choHwI'
transtator HoS choHwI'
auxiliary, backup (= emergency) chach
trigger chu'wI'
vegetable (also fruit) naH
meat (= animal) Ha'DIbaH
ambassador Duy'a'
shuttlecraft lupDujHom
attack fighter HIvDuj
direction (spatial) lurgh
food Soj
dark omen, sign of evil coming maQmIgh
klingon fighting tonSaw'
Hertz (frequency) chaDvay'

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