Letters to the Editor (excerpt)

HolQeD article of vol. 2 issue 2, June 1993, page 12

Written by Marc Okrand; Originally published in HolQeD, the quarterly journal of the Klingon Language Institute, Flourtown, PA, ISSN 1061-2327.


Marc Okrand applauds the Klingon Language Institute and their efforts and notes that HolQeD is an actual existing Klingon word.


This is just a brief note to tell you and your contributors how much I look forward to receiving and reading each issue of HolQeD.

As you may know, I began my studies of the Klingon language a number of years ago and presented some preliminary findings in TKD. The language is a tricky one, however; there are details to be discovered or better understood. Further study is both welcome and necessary, HolQeD and the Klingon Language Institute are performing an important service by letting those interested in the language come together to share ideas and learn from each other. The analyses, comments, and criticisms in HolQeD are informative and thought provoking, and the work of the Institute will help us achieve not only a better understanding of the Klingon language, but of Klingon culture as well. I applaud your efforts and look forward to your continuing success.

PS: -- I'm glad you chose the name HolQeD for your journal. When Maltz began telling me about his language, he used this word from time to time to refer to what I was doing. For reasons now forgotten, the word was left out of TKD.

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