How to talk about the Klingon "house"

The Klingon house may also be called the "clan" or "family" and is very important in Klingon culture. The word for it is tuq.

Marc Okrand explained(1):
According to Maltz, there are at least a couple of ways to identify a Klingon's house (or tuq) ... To say "Kahlor of the House of Molor" (or, if you prefer, "Kahlor from the House of Molor"), you'd say simply "Kahlor, House of Molor" qeylor molor tuq. If you want to be even more formal, the name of the father may be used as well... "Kahlor, son of Kahlin, of the House of Molor" is "Kahlor, son of Kahlin, House of Molor" qeylor qeylIn puqloD molor tuq. The other way is actually more formal and a bit formulaic. To say "Kahlor is of the House of Molor" (or "Kahlor is from the House of Molor"), you could say tay' qeylor molor tuq je. This is literally "Kahlor and the House of Molor are together." The construction is no doubt based on the Klingon proverb "One is always of his tribe" (literally, "a person and his house are always together"): reH tay' ghot tuqDaj je. If Kahlor is speaking, he could say, "I am of the House of Molor" matay' jIH molor tuq je. Or if one were speaking to Kahlor, one could say, "You are of the House of Molor" Sutay' SoH molor tuq je. Literally, these are "The House of Molor and I are together" [and] "The House of Molor and you are together." The independent pronouns (jIH "I" and SoH "you" in the examples above) are always used in this construction.

related words

  • qul tuq "House of Fire" is the title of a popular Klingon opera (2)
  • tuqnIgh is used to refer to any member of a house(3)


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