How do I say... I love you?

Saying "love" as a noun is easy, we have both bang love, one who is loved and parmaq love, romance. We also have parmaqqay romantic companion, romantic partner. The "problem" is that all three of these are nouns, and can't be used in the sentence "I love you". This forces us to be more creative in expressions of love. We can't just shout out a set phrase, we have to be romantic and make up a sentence for our loved one to show them that we love them.

bangwI' SoH You are my loved one seems straightforward enough.

However, a number of Klingonists use muSHa' to mean love. It uses muS hate, and -Ha' verb suffix meaning "undo". Some speakers believe it makes sense based on par dislike, and parHa' like, while others don't believe that "undo"ing hate is the same as loving someone. muSHa' can also be used to describe the actions of misapplying hate to someone/thing, or reversing one's hatred of someone/thing. In no way is it official canon.

In an email to Lieven of 4 February 2018, Marc Okrand wrote:
Sorry. Maltz doesn't know a verb that matches up neatly with the English verb "love." But maybe he just hasn't met the right person.

Some examples

In English, "I love you" is a common catch-all phrase meaning a lot of things. It may be that in Klingon, you have to be more specific.

chonayDI'/choSawDI' chenchoH tuq'a'.
A major house forms when you marry me.

jIbwIj vISay'nISbe'moH. (You need CK to understand this one.)
I do not need to wash my hair.

choDuQ. Just be careful not to say HIDuQ, lest you be taken literally.
You stab me.

You cause me to be passionate.

You fascinate me.

SoH Daj law' Hoch Hovmey Daj puS.
You are more interesting than all the stars.

bIpotlhchu'; DeS nIHwIj Darur.
You are clearly important; you resemble my "right arm".

betleHwIj nIv Dalo' 'e' vIchaw'.
I permit you to use my superior bat'leth.

qatlhejDI' matay'. latlhpu' vItlhejDI' jImob.
When I accompany you, we are together. When I accompany others, I am alone.

potlhmeywIj vIqelDI' patlh rap lughaj batlhwIj SoH je.
When I consider my important things, my honor and you have the same level.

SoH Dughajbe'bogh jaj rur Hov ghajbe'bogh ram.
A night without stars is like a day without you.

jInongDI' qapoQ.
I demand you when I am passionate.

jInong. qapoQ.
I am passionate. I demand you.

parmaqqaywI' Damoj vIneH.
I want you to become my romantic partner.

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