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Apple iPhone 5c ad

Screenshot of the ad at 0:36
On 10 September 2013, Apple boss Tim Cook introduced a TV commercial during an Apple Special Event where both iPhone 5S and 5C were unveiled. It was a commercial with multiple greetings in many languages, one of them was Klingon. (1)

Klingon Phrases

The two shown "klingons" use simple masks, so it is intentionally visible that these are disguised Humans, and not really Klingons. The background of a comic book store underline this theory.

The used phrases are both taken directly from The Klingon Dictionary. The pronunciation is not perfect, but not bad either.
right person: nuqneH What do you want? A standard Klingon greeting
left person: nuqDaq yuch Dapol? Where do you keep the chocolate? A phrase to catch someone's attention.

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1 : minute 0:36 til 0:39 on Apple iPhone 5c ad - Greetings on YouTube, published 10 September 2013

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