ISO 639

ISO 639 is an international specification assigning identifiers to language, i.e. language codes. It is split into five partial specifications.

The first specification was used to roughly encompass the most used languages and language families, and assigned them two letters each, for example en for english, or de for german (DEutsch). Because two letters can only address 26˛ = 676 combinations, a second part, ISO 639-2, has been introduced. In this table Klingon has been added with tlh. Part three also has tlh for klingon.

This is often used as confirmation that klingon is an officially recognized language.

Related entries

  • In ISO 15924 the identifier Piqd has been recorded for the klingon writing system pIqaD.
  • The "MARC Code List for Languages" has klingon with the identifier tlh as well(1)

See also

  • In Windows 10 you can set the language to klingon with the code tlh-Latn .
  • Unicode doesn't have a klingon assignment yet, but some fonts use an intentionally unused area for pIqaD.

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