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Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite Space was the name of an online game made by Gameforge, which was planned for 2012. In the game, the player could choose to side with the Klingons or the Federation. The development of the game was stopped in August 2012.(1)


During the the promotion for the game, the Klingon teacher Lieven L. Litaer recorded a video for GamesCom in Cologne in spring of 2011. Because this was well received at that event, the game company commissioned the Klingon teacher with a series of weekly, short courses with the title "Learn to speak Klingon" in the English version and "Sprachkurs Klingonisch" in the German version.(2) The first video of the series was viewed 25,000 times on the first day, and until today (July 2020) has been viewed over 600,000 times and is therefore the most seen video about the Klingon language on YouTube.

After the cancellation of the game, the channel was abandoned, but is still available. Lieven L. Litaer has continued his video courses on his own channel in the same style from number 16 on.


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