The Klingon language does not have any words like with, through that can be used in expressions like "I opened the door with my hand" or "We succeeded through hard work". To express such ideas, it is necessary to recast the sentence, i.e. saying it using other words and substituting the used nouns with verbs. One should not focus on trying to translate the exact words to klingon; try rather expressing the meaning.



To avoid using the word with, in Klingon one usually uses the word lo' use:

lojmIt vIpoSmoHmeH, ghopwIj vIlo'.
"In order to open the door, I use my hand"
= "I opened the door with my hand"

Depending on the situation, the Type 7 suffix "while" can be used:

betleHwIj vIlo'taHvIS, HoD vIHoH.
"While using my Bat'leth, I killed my Captain."
= "I killed the captain with my Bat'leth"


To avoid using the word through one could rephrase entirely, for instance using the type 9 suffix -mo':

mavumchu'mo' maQap.
"Because we work hard we succeed."
= "We succeeded through hard work."

by means of

Replace the nouns by verbs:

maSutlhDI', vaj maQochbe'.
"When we negotiated, then when agreed."
= "We agreed by means of negotiation."

Note on Verbs

One should be aware that there are several verbs which already include words like "with" or "through" in their english definition. That does not mean that these can be used for other purposes than defined.

DIj paint with pigment stick KGT
moq beat something with an implement KGT
pID coat with herbs/paint KGT
vegh go through a door HolQeD

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