Internode Klingon Commercial

The australian internet service provider Internode has an advert video in Klingon(1). The advert is screening during science fiction TV shows on selected television networks during Internode's Geekiest Promo in the Universe campaign. The campaign has started on 28th June and is valid until 7 January 2015. The campaign is also running with Elbish and Dothraki, two more known fictional languages.

Klingon on the website

On the website(2), there is phrase written in pIqaD, reading yIQoj. yIbangQo'. This is supposed to mean "Make war, not love"(3), but the noun "love" is incorrectly used as a verb. When entered a wrong translation, the next page (4) shows nuq jIyajbe(') (with missing apostrophe) meaning "What? I don't understand!".

Klingon dialogue

HI'Ij tera'nganpu' puj!
Listen to me, weak Terrans.

yIQoj! yIbangQo'!
Make war, not love.

mu'tlheghvam yIjatlh 'ej wa'vatlh DeQmey DaHev.
Say this phrase and you receive 100 credits.

Internode DaqI'chugh, cha'maH loS jarmey broadband nabvaD (wIvpu').
If you sign (up for) Internode, for the plan of 24 months broadband chosen.

The last word, (wIvpu'), is in the TV ad but not the radio ad. The grammar of this final phrase is a bit off.


Although also living in Australia, klingonist and BG RhonaFenwick was not involved in the translation work(5). At this time, the name of the translator remains unknown.

Clio Award

The radio ad campaign has won an international advertising accolade, announced in September 2014 in New York City. They secured a bronze Clio award (the world's most recognizable international advertising award) in the audio category for Australian advertising agency Marketforce(6).

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