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The Interstellar Language School (ILS) was founded in 1994 by Glen Proechel(1), but is not active any more. The founder of it did not agree with the KLI's policy regarding the Klingon language during the translation work of the Bible and Hamlet, so he decided to establish his own project(2).

The mission statement of the ILS was to
"Promote the teaching and use of tlhIngan Hol, also known as the Alien Language, the Warrior Tongue and officially by Paramount Studios and its subsidiaries (including Pocket Books) as the Klingon Language."



The ILS had several books or projects for books to teach the Klingon language (3) (4). At this time, it is not clear how many really have been printed or published, or what they look like.

tlhIngan Hol: Alien Language Primer: Book 1

An introductory textbook to learn and practice the warior tongue. Practical exercises for the armchair space traveler who wishes to hone his or her skills in communication with bumpy foreheaded aliens. Practice in reading and writing, simple practical phrases, and basic grammar. Alien Language Primer

tlhIngan Hol: Alien Language Primer: Book 2

An intermediate textbook for those who wish to improve their skills in alien communication.

tlhIngan Hol: Alien Language Primer: Book 3

An advanced textbook for those who wish to continue their mastery of alien tongue.

pIqaD Exercise Book

Learn alien calligraphy called pIqaD. Read and write the warrior's tongue in their own unique alphabet. Become fluent in the written code of the Empire.

Audio Cassette: Speaking Boldly

This tape corresponds to the vocabulary and text of Alien Language Primer: Book I and gives plenty of practice with basic sounds and vocabulary.

qIb HeHDaq: On the edge of the Galaxy

This quarterly journal is provided free of charge to all members of the Interstellar Language School. Articles about various aspects of Klingonology. Beginner's Corner News items about activities of pIntIn and ILS members, clawword puzzles, humorous stories about events in the Homeworld as well as announcements about things to come. (compare to the KLI's HolQeD)

Lord's Prayer (3 Colors - red, blue and green)

The Lord's Prayer is in pIqaD, Romanized, and Federation Standard.

The Warrior Tongue at Warp Speed

This phrase book tells you things you need to know as a tourist in the Homeworld. Sightseeings tours, hotel, restaurant, bar, at the Space Station, pickup lines and hints about pronounciation and simple grammar. Ideal companion for all who are planning a short trip to the Homeworld.

Good News for the Warrior Race: Advance Edition

Read the New Testament as interpreted by Christian missionaries to the Klingon Homeworld.

pachmu' Crossword Game Kit

The definitive parlor crossword board game for Klingons. Includes a paper board (in color), tile labels (to cut out), and rules included.

The Warrior's Unabridged Dictionary

If you CAN'T find it in The Klingon Dictionary, check in the Warrior's Unabridged Dictionary.

Homlet: Prince of Kronos (The Hard Bone Blues)

This adaptation is a paraphrase of the classic play and takes place in ancient Kronos.

No Smoking Poster

Get the message across to the Klingon speaker as well as make a nice conversation piece.

Klingon Imperial Church, certificate of membership

You may want to have this handsome certificate to show support in promoting the Gospel.

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  • qIb HeHDaq, an Internet edition of the journal of the Interstellar Language School
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