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It Had to be You

It Had to be You (original title "Ma vie n'est pas une comédie romantique") is a French romance/comedy movie of 2006.

Klingon dialogues

During the movie, there are some scenes with Klingon dialogues. The pronunciation has a strong French accent, but there are certainly Klingon words used in there.

The following is an attempt to reconstruct the dialogues: starting at 0:32:11, during a promotion for what seems a computer game, a Klingon is explaining the game. A French person translates his words.

pronounced: ...'ej pov saH DoS.
most likely: ...'ej puv Soch Duj.
French translation: Sa majesté dit que les environnements son très variés et qu'il est possible de piloter sept véhicules différents.
meaning: Her majesty says that there are multiple environments and that it'S possible to pilot seven different vessels.

pronounced: nulengDevdey qotvagh wa'vatlh wa'maH 'It tera'ngan euro.
most likely: nuH le' ngevDI', HuchvaD wa'vatlh wa'maH Hut tera'ngan 'ewro.
French translation: Et cette manette, conçu specialement, est vendue avec le jeu pour 119 euro terriens.
meaning: And this weapon, specially formed, is sold with the game for 119 Terran Euros.

pronounced: Star Trek ce qem 'aHney wIDIna'
most likely: Star Trek 'aHne' [?] wIDI
French translation: Sa majesté vous a apporté des T-shirt Star Trek.
meaning: Her majesty has brought you some Star Trek T-shirts.

Later in the movie, the same Klingon is the priest for a Klingon wedding. Again, they made a good effort to create a Klingon dialogue. It starts at 1:15:00.


The credits name the actor Martial Courcier as the "Klingon", and the actor Olivier Brocheriou as the "Klingon translator".(1)


1 : Ma vie n'est pas une comédie romantique on IMDb

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