In general, jargon means the language, which is used in everyday life.

In Marc Okrands book Klingon for the galactic traveller, he describes some variants of the Klingon language, like dialects, slang and technical terms. Besides that he also explains, how different generations work with the language:

Children for example, pronounce the consonants j, ng and q indistinct and less rough, use more often the suffix -oy, make mistakes at using the plural version (i.e. they use pengmey instead of cha). This langauge (puq Hol) is mimicked by adults, when they are talking to kids.

Adolescents often use a vocabulary which differs from the one adults use, frequently slang-expressions. This also is the case for people from the underclass, while people of the upper class use more archaical words instead.

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