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jatmey (literally "Scattered Tongues", pronunciation: S) is an anthology of original Klingon literature, including poems and short stories, collected as part of the KLI's Klingon Writing Project. It has been published semi-regularly.

List of Issues

Volume 1 - winter 1996

page Title author
1 contents -
2 Foreword Lawrence M. Schoen
3 lut'a' David Barron
HoD Qanqor lengmey Rich Yampell
Qu'Hom Paul Mackie
vIlHem-tel Andrew Strader
Hovmay' Alan Anderson
Qugh la' Hegh lut Andrew Strader

Volume 2 - winter 1996

page Title author
1 contents -
2 Foreword Lawrence M. Schoen
3 wej Nick Nicholas
4 puqbe' bortaS Alan Anderson
6 ropyaHDaq Terrence Donnelly
8 cha'logh vagh Mark Mandel
8 wamwI' Bart Barker
9 yajHa'ghach mach anonymous
10 'Iwtaj David Trimboli
19 to'baj 'uS mIw Terrence Donnelly

Volume 3 - winter 1997

page Title author
1 contents -
2 Foreword Bartholomew Barker
3 Sor vuv SuS neH Sor Dogh William Martin
4 yIH ghupbogh be' qan David Trimboli
6 maS ngan Suchlu' Alan Anderson
8 HovmeymajDaq maHegh Francesco Felici
8 juppu' Jason Wood
9 vetlhvetlh Tad Stauffer
10 tlhoraQ puqloDpu' lut Terrence Donnelly
18 batlh Heghrup SuvwI' qan Eric Andeen

Volume 4 - winter 1999

page Title author
1 contents -
2 SuDtaHghach Francesco Felici
3 loDHom Roger Cheesbro
3 bangwI' vIvan Carrie Ellen Williams
4 Qetlh lut Terrence Donnelly
6 qeylIS HoSDo' je Lawrence M. Schoen
8 not 'uQ jIH vIneH, pagh, patlh nIvDaq jIQeqnISpu' 'e' vISov Jessica Ferroni (translation by Alan Anderson)
9 'Iv ghaH baHwI''e' Captain Krankor
16 toghmeH bom Mark Shoulson

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