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Canon Jokes

On the audio tape Power Klingon, we can hear three Klingon jokes.

Are Warriors Red?

Q: Doq'a' SuvwI'?
A: ghobe', SuD.

Q: Are the warriors red?
A: No, they are green.

This may be a possible wordplay with the verb SuD, which can also mean gamble, take a risk. But that is more than speculative and definitely not canon. (although conversations with Okrand have verified that he was aware of this wordplay when he created the joke).
Although a perfect match, it seems to be mere coincidence that the colors in the joke correspond exactly to the four modes of thinking according to the HBDI (red, blue, green, yellow) (1) (2). When Okrand was shown this during qepHom 2016 he said that this was really pure coincidence, and that he had never heard of this. Okrand added that it was him who invented that joke, not Barry Levine, the author of the tape.

The Great Hall

Qo'noSDaq paw cha' DIvI' beq.
'avwI' lughom.
lutlhob: naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a'?
jang 'avwI': lIchopbe'chugh ghewmey.

Two crewman arrive on Kronos.
They meet a guard.
They ask him: "Can we get to the great hall from here?"
The guard answers: "If the bugs don't bite you."

not tired

'avwI'vaD jatlh qama': jIghung.
jang 'avwI': jIghung je.
jatlh qama': jI'oj.
jang 'avwI': jI'oj je.
jatlh qama': jIDoy'qu'.
jang 'avwI': jIDoy'be'.

A prisoner says to the guard: I am hungry.
The guard replies: I am also hungry.
The prisoner says: I am thirsty.
The guard replies: I am also thirsty.
The prisoner says: I am very tired.
The guard replies: I am not tired.

Jokes by Klingonists

Based on wordplays.

*wa' cha' wej yIghoS! *
One, two, three - Go!
One, two,... not yet!

SaH 'Iv?

The final phrase can mean "Who's there?" and "Who cares?"

jatlh tlhIngan.
<'IH be'> jatlh tera'ngan.
QeHchoH tlhIngan. <'IHbe', bIjatlh'a'?> jatlh tlhIngan.
tera'ngan HoH tlhIngan.

From a joke from Donald Vick.

-- Q: qatlh chorgh Sa' neH ghaj tlhIngan Hubbeq?
A: Sa' Hut moj neHmo' pagh.

Q: Why does the klingon defense force have only eight generals?
A: Because nobody wants to be general nine / an ass.


1 : Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument on Wikipedia

2 : Color chart, in german

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