Jyrki Kasvi

Jyrki Kasvi (6 January 1964 – 16 November 2021) was a Finnish politician. Because he was huge Star Trek fan, he included a Klingon version of his election campaign on his website.(1) (2)

In the comment section of his page, Kasvi told that the text was written by Lance R. Casey, aka naQjej.

Used Text

qaSvI' ngoch cherwI'
yIrqI' yIy yIy qaSvI' 'oH pongwIj'e' 'ej vInlan yejquvDaq jIjeS. pa' DIvI' SuDqu' vI'oS.
pe'vIl parmaq vIvoq. qo' vIDub vIneH; motlhwI' vIqaD vIneH; ngoch ngachlu'taHvIS qechmey chu' vIchel vIneH. jIHvaD Daj qechmeyvam: De' nugh, vummeH mIw patlh, DuSaQ'a' ngoch, 'oghmeH toDuj je; nIb Hoch ghotpu' DuHmey 'ej pImwI' cherghlu' 'e' vIqel je.
qaS Dochmeyvam vIneH:
  • 'ebmey jonlaH Hoch
  • tlhablu'DI' ngoy'nISlu' je
  • roghvaH qum
  • rewbe'pu' jIj nugh
  • wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap
  • pImwI' cherghlu'


There are some words in the text, which were not known at the time of the text's creation, so the author decided to transcribe them, which he did very well. These words are his name (yIrqI' yIy yIy qaSvI') and the name for Finland (vInlan), which we know since TalkNow is SuwomIy.

The grammar is flawless.

Noteable is the use of the sentence wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap ("We succeed in a greater whole."), which is taken one-to-one from the book The Klingon Way (3).

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1 : (de) "Finnischer Politiker wirbt auf Klingonisch", Krone.at, 13 March 2007

2 : "Finnish MP seeks votes in Klingon", ''Reuters'', 09. March 2007

3 : The Klingon Way, p. 209


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