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The KLI wiki, initiated by the KLI, was a wiki located on the KLI's homepage from 2003 until 2012. A new version of the wiki was installed on the new website of the KLI in 2015 (1)



The wiki started on 18 December 2002 and was based on PhpWiki 1.2. There were several contributors in the wiki, basically coming from the KLI's mailing list, like Mark Shoulson (Seqram), David Trimboli (SuStel), William Martin (charghwI'), and many many others. Alan Anderson (ghunchu'wI') volunteered to do the administration of the wiki in the beginning. Some people did not recognize the use of such a wiki, you can read the discussion here.


After having trouble with too much spam and vandalism, the wiki write-access was restricted to only KLI members as of May 7 2004(2). Since the KLI servers were having trouble with the database for a long time, many members could not acces the wiki any more, which made it turn dormant.


With the complete re-initiation of the KLI's homepage in 2015 – which had had the same look since 1993 – also the wiki was reconfigured. The new wiki is running on MediaWiki, an open source software written in PHP, the same which is used for Wikipedia. The technical part of the wiki (as well as the rest of the site) is managed by Chris Lipscombe, while Lieven L. Litaer volunteered to do the administration of the wiki. The new wiki has a plugin to display pIqaD-letters.

Current status

The KLI wiki has been offline since around July 2020 due to technical problems (current status of May 2021).

Relationship to the Klingon Language Wiki

For a long time it was unknown how the KLI would handle its own wiki. In 2014 it was the intention of the creator of this Klingon Language Wiki (which you are looking at) to be the "new KLI wiki", but the director of the KLI Lawrence M. Schoen had plans to set up a completely new website which included the wiki(3).

Since the primary goals of the "KLI wiki" (collaboration) and this "Klingon Language wiki" (Klingon language resource) are slightly different, it is most likely that the KLI wiki will be running on its own, while this language wiki is a different set. Meanwhile, the main menu of the KLI's website references both wikis under "Ressources": The KLI wiki is referenced as "KLI Member Wiki", whereas the wiki you see right now is referenced by its name "Klingon Language Wiki".


The KLI Wiki is set up for members of the KLI to collaborate on things and projects. Any member is supposed to be able to add whatever they want. Users can describe their own fictional character, but also information about the Klingon language may be added. In 2015, Robyn Stewart wrote a KLCP preparation course, available only for KLI members. Questions and comments to this course can be placed on the KLI wiki.


In the first year 2003, the enthousiasm was large, so there were over 350 changes in the wiki, which is close to an average of one edit per day. The number went down to 173 in 2004, including lots of spam, vandalism and their removals. There have been 42 edits in 2005, 16 in 2006, 10 in 2007, 13 in 2008, 17 edits in 2009 and only 8 edits in 2010. The only edit in 2011 was Spam. The last edit has been done in February 2012. In the middle of November 2012, the wiki broke down completely for unknown reason and was not fixed until the new configuration in 2014.


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1 : new KLI wiki

2 : old Frontpage of KLI wiki

3 : Message to KLI group on Facebook, 25 March 2014

The Klingon Language Wiki is a private fan project to promote the Klingon language. See Copyright notice for details.