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The KLI wish list, also referred to in Klingon as chabal tetlh, is a website of the KLI where Klingonists can post their wishes for new words to be forwarded to Marc Okrand.


The wishlist is open to anyone and everyone to add suggestions, you just have to register as at least a free guest on the site. When this first poll is closed about a month before the qep'a', the next poll is only accessible for KLI members. They can upvote or downvote those suggested words to give a common opinion on whether one needs such words or not. It is also possible to add comments to make suggestions how a requested word might be translated in a different way, because it happens quite often that mostly beginners of the language ask for words that can be easily expressed in Klingon using existing words. It might also happen they ask for a word of which it is clear that there is no Klingon equivalent.


The poll was iniated in 2016 by Chris Lipscombe, and programmed by Daniel Dadap. The system was used at every qep'a' since 2016.

Canon and definitions

When Marc Okrand provides answers to those requested words, they usually only include a short gloss or translation for each word. Since those answers might be ambiguous or unclear, it is sometimes useful to look at the original request. During the Q&A session on Discord of qep'a' 2020, Okrand repeatadly answered questions by pointing at those requests, saying "that's what it means". The KLI's word list includes links to those requests, which are public to see. Those "original requests" are also added in this wiki.

It should be noted though that those phrases are not part of the canon definition and might sometimes differ from the actual meaning.

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