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K'mpec was Chancellor of the Klingon High Council in the 24th century. The klingon spelling of his name is qI'empeq (1).


K'mpec is the klingon Chancellor with the longest time of duty. Although better knowing, he dishonors Worf for the sins of his father Mogh, who took the blame for a romulan attack on Khitomer. The house of Duras, whose father Ja'rod was the one to blame, is too powerful to oppose and would have thrown the empire into a civil war.

Later K'mpec is poisoned by Duras and gives Picard the duty to supervise the rite of succession, so Duras will not be the next Chancellor. So Gowron is the choice to success K'mpec.

Background information

Charles Cooper played K'mpec in DSN.

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1 : HQ 10:2 S. 8


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