Khemorex Klinzhai

Khemorex Klinzhai (Klingonaase: the spirit that grows) is a club with the goal to celebrate and promote the Klingon culture.

Goal and type of the club

Khemorex Klinzhai (usually abbreviated KK) offers exchange of information to Star Trek, but with the focus on the Klingon culture and way of life. The Klingon language is also part of that.


The club was founded in Scotland in 1993 and has grown largely in 1995, when it included the German-speaking countries.

The club always had roughly over 200 members, but since 2010, numbers are decreasing. The actual number of active members is around 150 in German speaking countries. Additionally there are a few members in the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Romania. KK is the biggest and oldest, independent club in Europe with Klingons as a topic.


The club is organised like a fleet of ships with multiple "ships" and "squadrons", limited to big cities and can be compared with regional groups of regulars. Because Khemorex Klinzhai isn't a commercial club, there is no central headquarter. The club is built on the division of labor among its members.


The Khemorex is represented regularly in small regional groups at public events like Trek-dinners and Star-trek-Conventions, but is often seen on non-Star Trek events, too, like Christmas markets. Especially on those kind of events fund-raising campaigns for charity are organised, like the Myelin project.

However, there are also internal events, beginning with the "general meeting" twice a year, called Qetlop, where circa half of the members are present to very regional, but more frequent meetings. The name Qetlop comes from a (mis)interpretation of the word QI'lop from Power Klingon. The correct spelling was revealed many years later. [citation needed]

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