KliFlash is a flashcards software to practice Klingon vocabulary. It was created by Terrence Donnelly(1).


The name of the software is a short form for Klingon Flashcards. It runs on Windows 95 through Windows 7. It contains every Klingon word through December, 2002 (that means over 2200 words). It was originally beta-tested by several members of the Klingon Language Institute but otherwise has no connection to the KLI. It's gone through DOS versions 1 through 5, then it has been ported to Windows. The program is freeware.

Terry compiled a final release of Kliflash in 2007 with complete vocabulary through qep'a' 2005. (2)

Learning technique

It uses progressive learning techniques to guide you through the vocabulary, and arranges the words in a useful sequence. So you learn words like tlhIngan or loD man long before vem'eq (a bird that eats serpent worms). It also contains several special subsets of the total wordlist, with words organized by topic, so you can study those words of special interest to you. For the bold, you can choose to display the Klingon words in pIqaD (klingon letters).

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1 : http://web.archive.org/web/20130225061906/http://teresh.tdonnelly.org/kliflash.html Web.Archive copy of ter'eS Klingon Pages

2 : Message to the list of 11 Nov 2007

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