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Klingon alphabet handwriting

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Klingon alphabet handwriting is a book published by Nickkey Nick, published on Amazon on August 21, 2019. The author has several writing books which seem to all look the same.

There is also a "Klingon Alphabet Practice Workbook", but it's not available at this time (1)


The book does not contain any written information. Each page shows a tall Klingon letter in pIqaD, using the badly copied, ugly "klingonfont" version from the web. The rest of the page shows about a hundred smaller versions of the letter in a hand-written style, which the user is supposed to write over. All Klingon letters are accompanied by their latin transcription, but all of them are incorrectly written in lower case. Instead of following the Klingon alphabetical order, the letters are sorted by English alphabet order of the keyboard. This means that since q is mapped on the K key, it appears between j and l.

Although this book is a nice thing to have, it is not recommended to buy it.


Publisher Independently published
Language English
Pages 75
ISBN-10 1687754225
ISBN-13 978-1687754226
Size 178 x 254 mm
Kind Softcover
Release date 21 August 2019
Weight 194 g

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1 : product page on Amazon for "Klingon Alphabet Practice Workbook", retrieved November 19, 2019

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