Klingon Assault Group

Klingon Assault Group (abbreviated KAG) is the world's largest Klingon, and other aliens, fan club with members all over the planet. The majority of KAG members are in North America, however it also has members in Europe, Australia, South America, and more.


KAG was founded by John Halvorson in June 1989 in Reese, Michigan. At Starbase Indy in November of that year, John, along with Steve Roberts, Char Haguewood and Steve Davis, went on stage to formally announce the creation of the club. KAG rapidly expanded at this time. (More to come)

KAG currently has over 800 active members around the planet, with more having cloaked themselves over the years.


KAG is run by the current Thought Admiral, of which there has been six so far. The club is broken down into a number of "Fleets" covering large geographic areas. Some of these Fleets are broken down further into Quadrants. Within the Fleets and Quadrants members band together into Ships. There is no fee to join KAG, and the club is open to anyone who wishes to join. All work within the club is done by members volunteering their time. KAG uses a system of rank to reward people who help spread the club. Anyone completing a Klingon uniform (costume) is automatically promoted to an officer rank.


KAG members take part in a wide variety of activities including charity work, attending conventions, running panels, putting on plays, making music videos, and more.

KAG has a yearly meeting at a different convention each year. The location of this meeting varies in order to allow members from different locations to attend.

Notable members


In November 2016, Chase Masterson sent a message to the KAG containing some new words from Okrand describing the Pop Culture Hero Coalition.

KAG members have been attending qep'a' for a number of years, with the numbers having increased recently over the past several years. Several members of KAG visited qep'a' 23. (1)

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1 : AER: qep’a’ ghoSpu’ IKV batlh qa’! (IKV batlh qa’ went to the qep’a’!), by Jen Usellis-Mackay, 26 July 2016

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