Klingon at Halloween

This article explains some terms to use at Halloween. Some of these examples are circumscriptions. They are not all part of canon vocabulary.

Zombie vs. Vampire

For the qepHom 2016, one year after the "Halloween qepHom" qepHom 2015, Marc Okrand presented two new words:

Klingon English literal translation
yInbogh lom Zombie living corpse
'Iw remwI' Vampire blood sucker

This doesn't mean there are vampires and zombies in the Klingon Empire. Those are just circumscriptions. yInbogh lom for example consists of two parts: lom means corpse here, yInbogh consists of yIn for life and the type 9 verb suffix -bogh, which can be used to form relative clauses. Both words describe both the male and the female version.

qep'a' 2017

At qep'a' 2017, Marc Okrand presented some additional terms:

Klingon English Explanation
pel'aQ coffin actually the word for eggshells
nev'aQ coffin, sarcophagus more used for everyday coffins
nebeylI' sarcophagus used for special occasions as a special honor or certain ritual
jItuj'ep mummy

What is Halloween?

If you would try to explain to a Klingon what happens at Halloween and what people on earth associate with those terms, it could look like the following:

Klingon English
qaStaHvIS ramvetlh yInbogh lom, 'Iw remwI', jItuj'ep ghap lulIllu' During this night, you imitate a zombie, a vampire or a mummy.
law' lutmey 'e' tu'lu': The stories are numerous; you'll find them:
pel'aQDaq Dab 'Iw remwI' The blood sucker lives in a coffin.
Ho'Du' tIn ghaj It has big teeth.
be', loD je Qup chop 'ej 'Iwchaj tlhutlh It bites young men and women and drinks their blood.
vaj 'Iw remwI' moj Then they become blood suckers.
ghaH HoH jul The sun kills them.
qaStaHvIS pem Qong During the daytime they sleep.
qanqu' 'op 'Iw remwI' Some blood suckers are very old.
chaH HoHlu'meH tIqchaj Qaw'nISlu' To kill them, you have to destroy their heart.
yInbogh lommey chenmoH javtIm le' A special virus creates living corpses.
HoH 'ej QoghIjDu' Sop They kill and eat brains.
Qobbe' jItuj'ep Mummies aren't dangerous.
yInbe' They are not alive.

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