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The Klingon compendium was an area in the Star Trek: Continuum on startrek.com(1), which included a linguistic database known as "Klingon Linguistic Studies".(2) and a "Klingon Culture" database.

Klingon Culture Database

Most of the "Klingon Culture" database is still accessible at the Wayback Machine. It has over 200 entries, but none of them include Klingon translation. (3)

  • Battle cruisers and other vessels (zero entries, the page says "no information")
  • Disrupters and other weapons (10 entries)
  • Traditional ceremonies and observed rites (35 entries)
  • Notable Klingon characters past and present (38 entries)
  • A mixed collection of Klingon items (145 entries)

Two pages are titled "Klingon phrases" and "Klingon sentences". These do not include proper Okrandian Klingon, but those words spoken in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


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