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There seems to be an illegal copy of KGT around, but at the time of this article, it is not confirmed whether it is an illegal copy or just a rare bad print.

A quick comparison does not reveal any difference, but that's what makes it so mysterious: If this were a legal second print by the publisher, it is not cler why it does not mention so in the imprint. Instead, it still says "first printing September 1997".


The differences are easy to see. Click on the image to enlarge.

original copy description
KGT trefoil original.png KGT trefoil copy.png The background circle of the cover's trefoil is gray in the original, but seems a bit green in the copy version.
KGT title original.png KGT title copy.png The silver tone of the title page has a strange grayish tone in the copy version. The cover (but not the main body) is about 3 percent larger than the original, that's why the K in the image does not fit as the original.
KGT photo original.png KGT photo copy.png Photos are more blurry than the original and sometimes have lines or stripes in them.
KGT text original.png KGT text copy.png The standard version has very clean white paper with a clear printed black ink.
The other has yellowish paper (like TKD) but the print is not very clear.
KGT white original.png KGT white copy.png White areas show tiny dots produced by the printer.
KGT 108 original.jpg KGT 108 copy.jpg The letters are less clear than in the original version.

In addition to visual differences, the inside of the front and back cover are empty in the copy version, while the original has an EAN code in the front cover and an entire page "about the author" on the back cover.

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