Klingon Grammar Addendum

The Klingon Grammar Addendum was a compilation set up by Terrence Donnelly - known as ter'eS - as an attempt to collect in one place all the addenda, corrections, clarifications and accepted conventions for the Klingon language that have appeared since the publication of The Klingon Dictionary in 1992. These pages were formerly hosted at Donnelly's personal homepage, which was closed in 2013. They are shown in this wiki with permission of and in cooperation with the author.

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The entries are keyed to the section numbers of TKD (see Portal Grammar), and each entry includes the original source of the addendum, if possible. In order to avoid copyright infringement, and to encourage you to seek out the sources, the entries are paraphrased, rather than quoted directly.

Within each section, the entries are classified under one of three degrees of reliability:
  1. Those in blockquotes with gray background represent direct statements from Marc Okrand, the language's creator and only source of canon.
  2. Those in standard text represent grammar inferred from canon examples but not directly addressed by Marc Okrand (I defer to the members of the Klingon Language Institute and its associated mailing list for the interpretation of these canon examples)
  3. Those in italic type represent the accepted usages of the KLI and its members, while recognizing that these usages have no canonical standing (there is some overlap between these last two categories, since hopefully we base our usage on canon).


The pages on Donnelly's Klingon homepage were separated into the according chapters. Here in this wiki, they are summarized into one single page:

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