Klingon on the News

The Klingon language was mentioned in the news several times, not only when a qepHom or a Star Trek event was held. This page lists information which really caught public attention and made it into the newspaper or even television. For updates regarding the Klingon language itself, see ➞ Klingonist updates.





  • October 2018: The Little Prince is published in Klingon and announced worldwide
  • March 2018: Duolingo has finally gone online with its Klingon course.




  • The Axanar Lawsuit was on the news, because the usage of the Klingon language was part of the prosecution.
  • The Welsh Government was on the news, because on a question about an unidentified flying object, they answered in Klingon.


  • German politician Peter Bauer said that everyone should be free to talk Klingon at home; see YallaCSU
  • David Waddell wrote his resignment in Klingon.

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