Klingon Ipsum

Lorem ipsum is the beginning of a often used text for layouts. It is used to show the basic look of the layout; the text itself doesn't make any sense, even if some parts origin is from a book from Cicero (1).

Klingon Version

Because of the frequent usage of this text, there are many variants in existence, also a supposedly klingon version, named Klingon ipsum (2). The corresponding generator actually generates a new text with every call, but it is obvious that it isn't real klingon, but only a loose sequence of partly misspelled klingon words.


At the first glance two things are stand out that are atypic for klingon texts:


First, the first letter of each sentence is capitalized. This may appear randomly in a klingon text, but is, as said, random. The capitalization in Klingon is not dependant on the word class or the position of the word in the sentence; there are just letters, which are always capitalized or always non-capitalized. In this way q and Q are completely different characters, which differ also in Pronunciation. The non-capitalized i doesn't exist in Klingon, but appears in Klingon ipsum.

Missing Apostrophe

The Apostoph ' doesn't appear in the generated text, but is also a often used Klingon letter Alphabet.


The Klingon ipsum is a funny gag for graphic designers, who wants to do layouts with a different dummy text. But it doesn't have much in common with Klingon.


In the following a revised version of the text is presented, which could be used as a Klingon "Lorem Ipsum". Most of the words come from the dictionary, but the text itself has no meaning. But it shows a classical Klingon type face.

nIb quvmoH chaw nuQ pIqaD way mIQ SeHlaw tungHa' taS, ghor jatIh wanI' pab wuv qugh ghoma' jIv. Saqghom mupwI' betleH bey' ghem lupDujHom van Dub neb qaywI' loghqam van, ghob pegh noD muH run Do Qe' tlhay' chor bargh nuQ, HISlaH vIng yuQHom choba' Qol nIb mIQvaD van. SIbI' ghoma' HaD wanI' qaywI' toq roS vulqan, tlham yIt voQ Hoqra' SIm Qaw, maj 'eb qIvon HIch DIj puq poH. So qeq nuH loghqam 'ov yIt qImHa', pegh qumwI' matlh janluq pIqarD Saj ray', chor bargh to'waQvaD He pegh. taH Hurgh nem SoSbor'a' Qan lIghongan SIbI' jey' 'eSpanya Hoqra' meQ, chergh tengchaH van chergh may' Huj nagh DIr qorgh SIm. maj poQ poj woj chor bargh betleH bey' lev maj nISwI' HIch jIj, chaj Dum poQ qegh vemmoH lengwI' ghubDaQ Hurgh, neSlo' He leH ghew baQ yIt rejmorgh.

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