Klingon Language Certification Program

The Klingon Language Certification Program (abbreviated KLCP) is a project of the KLI, created and maintained by d'Armond Speers, designed to recognize mastery of the Klingon language and to standardize, to some extent, levels of proficiency (1).

Levels of proficiency

3 KLCP-pins
level rank
taghwI' "Beginner"
ghojwI' "Intermediate"
po'wI' "Advanced"
pab pIn Grammarian

Before taking any of the proficiency tests, a student is assigned the level of chu'wI' Newcomer. To attain each level, the student must pass the written exam for that level, whose questions are drawn randomly from a large pool of questions. Currently, there is no test for pab pIn rank; presumably that one will need a different design. Upon attaining a new level, the student is given special pins to be worn with pride, as a mark of achievement: a copper-colored one for taghwI', a silver-colored one for ghojwI', and a gold-colored one for po'wI'. Note that the arrangement of these pins as shown here is merely traditional rather than official. Although their shape was designed so that they can combine into the compact form shown, one may wear them in whatever fashion one wishes.

Symbols for these pins also show up on the archive pages of the Email Discussion Forum.

Example Questions

Level 1: Beginner

In this level, there are five types of questions:

1. Translate the following sentence into Klingon:
  • Example question: "I am becoming angry because of your child."

2. Translate the following sentence into english:
  • Example question: ghorgh jagh DaHIvchoH

3. Identify the suffix type:
  • Example question: -beH

4. Fill in the blank:
  • Example question: Why do we rely on each other? qatlh ma_______chuq

5. Grammar questions

Level 3: Advanced

Part of the level three test is a short story, followed by five questions about the events described in the story. All in Klingon of course.

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1 : http://www.speers.nu/Holtej/klingon/guidelines.htm KLCP Guidelines

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