Klingon Language Societies

Several Klingonist groups have organized themselves as more official organizations, typically called societies (yej'an) or institutes (yejHaD). The oldest and mostly known is the Klingon Language Institute. These socities may or may not be officially incorporated. They typically have websites, create studying materials, host discussion forums (email, Discord, etc.) and organize qepHommey. Some of them have members while others do not.

Name in native language Name in Klingon Founded in Website
Klingon Language Institute tlhIngan Hol yejHaD 1992 kli.org 
Hol 'ampaS, Language Academy of KAG Hol 'ampaS 2009 hol.kag.org 
Klingonska Akademien 'upSala tlhIngan Hol yej'an 1998 klingonska.org 
Deutsches Klingonisch-Institut DoyIchlan tlhIngan Hol yej'an 2019 klingonisch.de 
Klingonin harrastajat ry SuwomIy tlhIngan Hol yej'an 2021 klingonia.fi 

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