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The Klingon Linguistic Studies was a section of the Klingon Compendium, which was part of the Microsoft Star Trek: Continuum. This part included Klingon vocabulary with definitions. There was nothing new included in there. The project was closed for around 2003 (1), but the linguistic pages have been archived at the pages of the Hol 'ampaS.(2)


To refer to entries from this, the abbreviation KLS is suggested. Using STC because of "Star Trek: Continuum" could be confused with the Star Trek Communicator, which is sometimes abbreviated STC or STC104 to avoid exactly that confusion. Some people use MSN because Microsoft hosted that page, which is also misleading, because we have lots of messages from Okrand on the Microsoft Network Expert Forum.

Klingon word of the Day

The front page of the Star Trek: Continuum showed a Klingon word of the day. Each page for that word showed simple words (like tlhutlh or nuqneH) taken from TKD. For each word, there was a short definition or discription, a rough pronunciation guide that included notes on the stress, and even a sound file with the pronunciation. (3)

Supposedly, the simple definition and the sound file are provided by Marc Okrand himself. Unfortunately, the well-meaning but uninformed folks in charge of the site tend to elaborate on the definition more than they should. Don't take things like their "to ingest a liquid substance" as authoritative – especially since they tend to use an English infinitive form in verbs' definitions, which isn't quite the right way to render an unprefixed Klingon verb.(4)

In few situations, their additional information was not correct and has lead to confusion among students. The website is not available any more, so the risk of confusion has been reduced. But information from the source "KLS" should be handled with care and not be taken too seriously.


Each entry started with a Klingon word, followed by Okrand's canon definition. The rest was not made by Okrand, which are a pronunciation guide and some additional - sometimes incorrect - information (5)
Klingon: magh
English: Betray

Phonetically-- "magh"

Verb, to commit treason. Also to indicate, reveal.
Note that this final line "indicate, reveal" is not correct, and not canonical.

Klingon: tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?
English: Do You (Singular) Speak Klingon?

Phonetically -- "TLi-ngan KHOL da-JATL A "

Question, "do you speak Klingon," when addressing an individual.

Background information

All of this paragraph is based on an email by d'Armond Speers (6)
I (d'Armond Speers) had the opportunity to communicate directly with one of the staff members of that site about the definitions. They have words and short definitions provided by Marc Okrand, but re-typed by their staff, which introduced a lot of spelling errors. Then they have an expanded definition, which is where all the bad definitions have been coming from. In the word list, you'll see a Klingon word followed by a short English definition; these are directly from Okrand. If you click on a word you'll see an expanded definition, which is not from Okrand.

We were given the opportunity to clean up the spellings and expanded definitions, in the master database for that site. Over 25% of the words had spelling errors, mostly of the I / l type. We also corrected all the Earth/Klingon year/day/minute types of problems, and changed some obviously wrong definitions (like "meH is a bridge that spans a divide", instead of "the bridge of a ship"). For instance, the STC entry for rep "hour" used to be "A unit of time equal to 1/24th of an Earth day." It now reads "Noun, unit of time, a Klingon hour." All of these corrections are posted to the STC site now.

We tried to pursuade them not to use the goofy phonetic representations for Klingon words, since the word as written is already a phonetic representation. They would't go for it. So, Kevin (Qor'etlh valwI'na') put together a key using the 'Useful Expressions' from The Klingon Dictionary as a guide, and re-wrote all the phonetic representations using this key, so they'd be internally consistent throughout the STC site, and consistent with that you'd see in TKD.

There are no new words in STC. When the site first went live, Okrand suggested that there may be some new words in there, which is why some people started monitoring this site, and copied their non-canonical definitions

List of used words

warning N.B. The definitions were not supplied by Okrand so do not rely on them! They were added by whoever maintained the page at the "Star Trek: Continuum" site.

Verbs and phrases

Steven Boozer compiled a list of the used verbs and published it at the mailing list of the KLI (7).

phrase translation explanation
Duy' It is defective. The quality Duy', meaning "defective", as used in a sentence.
Hurgh It is dark. The quality Hurgh, meaning "dark", as used in a sentence.
jor It explodes. The verb jor, meaning "explode", as used in a sentence.
ngeb It is false. The quality ngeb, meaning "false", as used in a sentence.
ngeD It is easy. The quality ngeD, meaning "easy", as used in a sentence.
ngo' It is old. The quality ngo', meaning "old (not new)", as used in a sentence.
rop He/she is sick. The quality rop, meaning "sick," as used in a sentence.
SuQ It is toxic. The quality SuQ, meaning "toxic," as used in a sentence.
tlhol It is raw. The quality tlhol, meaning "raw," as used in a sentence.
'ugh It is heavy. The quality 'ugh, meaning "heavy," as used in a sentence.
bI'IH You are beautiful. The quality 'IH, meaning "beautiful," as used in a sentence.
bIbep You complain. The verb bep, meaning "complain", as used in a sentence.
bIbergh You are irritable. The quality bergh, meaning "irritable," as used in a sentence.
bIbIt You are nervous. The quality bIt, meaning "nervous," as used in a sentence.
bIDIv You are guilty. The quality DIv, meaning "guilty", as used in a sentence.
bIDogh You are silly. The quality Dogh, meaning "silly," as used in a sentence.
bIghIH You are sloppy. The quality ghIH, meaning "sloppy", as used in a sentence.
bIlIm You panic. The verb lIm, meaning "panic," as used in a sentence.
bIlum You procrastinate. The verb lum, meaning "procrastinate", as used in a sentence.
bImach You are small. The quality mach, meaning "small," as used in a sentence.
bImut You are selfish. The quality mut, meaning "selfish," as used in a sentence.
bInep You lie. The verb nep, meaning "lie," as used in a sentence.
bIpuj You are weak. The quality puj, meaning "weak", as used in a sentence.
bIpum You fall. The verb pum, meaning "fall", as used in a sentence.
bIqab You are bad. The quality qab, meaning "bad," as used in a sentence.
bIqan You are old. The quality qan, meaning "old (not young)", as used in a sentence.
bIqej You are grouchy. The quality qej, meaning "grouchy", as used in a sentence.
bIqur You are greedy. The quality qur, meaning "greedy," as used in a sentence.
bItuH You are ashamed. The quality tuH, meaning "ashamed," as used in a sentence.
bItlhaQ You are funny. The quality tlhaQ, meaning "funny", as used in a sentence.
bIvaQ You are aggressive. The quality vaQ, meaning "aggressive", as used in a sentence.
chomaw You offend me. The verb maw, meaning "offend," as used in a sentence.
chotIch You insult me. The verb tIch, meaning "insult", as used in a sentence.
chotlho' You thank me. The verb tlho', meaning "thank," as used in a sentence.
chovuv You respect me. The verb vuv, meaning "respect," as used in a sentence.
DanIH You steal it. The verb nIH, meaning "steal," as used in a sentence.
HIje' Feed me. The verb je', meaning "feed," as used in a sentence.
HIlob Obey me. The verb lob, meaning "obey", as used in a sentence.
HItojQo' Don't deceive me. The verb toj, meaning "deceive," as used in a sentence.
HItlhochQo' Don't contradict me. The verb tlhoch, meaning "contradict," as used in a sentence.
jIchegh I return. The verb chegh, meaning "return," as used in a sentence.
jIchIj I navigate. The verb chIj, meaning "navigate", as used in a sentence.
jIHaD I study. The verb HaD, meaning "study," as used in a sentence.
jIjaH I go. The verb jaH, meaning "go," as used in a sentence.
jImev I stop. The verb mev, meaning "stop," as used in a sentence.
jInargh I escape. The verb nargh, meaning "escape," as used in a sentence.
jIqap I insist. The verb qap, meaning "insist," as used in a sentence.
jIqIm I pay attention. The verb qIm, meaning "pay attention," as used in a sentence.
jIqu' I am fierce. The quality qu', meaning "fierce," as used in a sentence.
jIquv I am honored. The quality quv, meaning "honored," as used in a sentence.
jIQeH I am angry. The quality QeH, meaning "angry," as used in a sentence.
jIQuch I am happy. The quality Quch, meaning "happy," as used in a sentence.
jISagh I am serious. The quality Sagh, meaning "serious," as used in a sentence.
jISov I know. The verb Sov, meaning "know", as used in a sentence.
jISup I jump. The verb Sup, meaning "jump," as used in a sentence.
jItIn I am big. The quality tIn, meaning "big", as used in a sentence.
jItlhutlh I drink. The verb tlhutlh, meaning "drink," as used in a sentence.
jIyIn I live. The verb yIn, meaning "live," as used in a sentence.
jIbup I quit. The verb bup, meaning "quit," as used in a sentence.
jIleS I relax. The verb leS, meaning "relax," as used in a sentence.
jIpIH I am suspicious. The quality pIH, meaning "suspicious," as used in a sentence.
jIqet I run. The verb qet, meaning "run," as used in a sentence.
jItoS I climb. The verb toS, meaning "climb," as used in a sentence.
jIQaQ I am good. The quality QaQ, meaning "good," as used in a sentence.
jIQum I communicate. The verb Qum, meaning "communicate," as used in a sentence.
jItuv I am patient. The quality tuv, meaning "patient," as used in a sentence.
jIyev I pause. The verb yev, meaning "pause," as used in a sentence.
jI'Ij I listen. The verb 'Ij, meaning "listen," as used in a sentence.
jI'Ip I vow. The verb 'Ip, meaning "vow", as used in a sentence.
jI'oy' I ache. The verb 'oy', meaning "ache", as used in a sentence.
maDun We are wonderful. The quality Dun, meaning "wonderful", as used in a sentence.
malop We celebrate. The verb lop, meaning "celebrate", as used in a sentence.
ma'IQ We are sad. The quality 'IQ, meaning "sad," as used in a sentence.
qabej I watch you. The verb bej, meaning "watch", as used in a sentence.
qachargh I conquer you. The verb chargh, meaning "conquer", as used in a sentence.
qaDev I lead you. The verb Dev, meaning "lead", as used in a sentence.
qaDuQ I stab you. The verb DuQ, meaning "stab", as used in a sentence.
qaHIv I attack you. The verb HIv, meaning "attack", as used in a sentence.
qaHoH I kill you. The verb HoH, meaning "kill," as used in a sentence.
qajey I defeat you. The verb jey, meaning "defeat," as used in a sentence.
qalegh I see you. The verb legh, meaning "see," as used in a sentence.
qamuS I hate you. The verb muS, meaning "hate," as used in a sentence.
qanej I look for you. The verb nej, meaning "look for," as used in a sentence.
qapIch I blame you. The verb pIch, meaning "blame", as used in a sentence.
qaqaw I remember you. The verb qaw, meaning "remember," as used in a sentence.
qaqotlh I tickle you. The verb qotlh, meaning "tickle", as used in a sentence.
qaQaH I help you. The verb QaH, meaning "help," as used in a sentence.
qaQan I protect you. The verb Qan, meaning "protect," as used in a sentence.
qaQoy I hear you. The verb Qoy, meaning "hear," as used in a sentence.
qatlha' I chase you. The verb tlha', meaning "chase," as used in a sentence.
qatlhob I ask you. The verb tlhob, meaning "ask", as used in a sentence.
qawIv I choose you. The verb wIv, meaning "choose", as used in a sentence.
qayu' I interrogate you. The verb yu', meaning "interrogate," as used in a sentence.
vIchup I suggest it. The verb chup, meaning "suggest", as used in a sentence.
yIlIjQo' Don't forget. The verb lIj, meaning "forget," as used in a sentence.

Word list

These are all the words and expressions used in the Klingon Linguistic Studies. The list was opened with 458 entries and was updated regualary until it had 689 before it was closed in 2003. The unusual ordering is like displayed at the website. This is partially due to alphabetical order of English words, but also due to adding words by topic rather than alphabetically. (8)

# Klingon Translation phonetically non-canon, Additional information
1 tlhImqaH Zilm'Kach TLim-KAKH Noun, Food, known as "Zilm'Kach." [KGT]
2 tuHIvlaH You (Plural) Can Attack Me too-KHIV-lakh verb, HIv, meaning "attack," as used in a sentence.
3 boHIvlaH You (Plural) Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them bo-KHIV-lakh The verb Qong, meaning "sleep," as used in a sentence. [sic]
4 bIQong You Sleep bi-KKHONG The verb HIv, meaning "attack," as used in a sentence. [sic]
5 SuQong You (Plural) Sleep shoo-KKHONG The verb Qong, meaning "sleep," as used in a sentence.
6 bInep You (Singular) Lie, You Fib. bi-nep The verb nep, meaning "tell an untruth," as used in a sentence.
7 Sunep You (Plural) Lie, You Fib.
8 bIQongbe' You Don't Sleep
9 SuQongbe' You (Plural) Don't Sleep
10 juHIvbe' You/I Don't Attack Us
11 choHIvbe' You/I Don't Attack Me
12 DaHIvbe' You/I Don't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
13 bIQonglaHbe' You Can't Sleep
14 SuQonglaHbe' You (Plural) Can't Sleep
15 juHIvlaHbe' You Can't Attack Us
16 choHIvlaHbe' You Can't Attack Me
17 tuHIvlaHbe' You (Plural) Can't Attack Me
18 DaHIvlaHbe' You Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
19 SuQonglaH You (Plural) Can Sleep
20 juHIvlaH You Can Attack Us
21 choHIvlaH You Can Attack Me
22 DaHIvlaH You Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them
23 juHIv You Attack Us
24 cheHIv You (Plural) Attack Us
25 choHIv You Attack Me
26 tuHIv You (Plural) Attack Me
27 DaHIv You Attack Him/Her/It/Them
28 boHIv You (Plural) Attack Him/Her/It/Them
29 bIlughbe' You (Singular) Are Wrong.
30 Sulughbe' You (Plural) Are Wrong.
31 bIlugh You (Singular) Are Right.
32 Sulugh You (Plural) Are Right.
33 choSuj You (Singular) Are Disturbing Me.
34 tuSuj You (Plural) Are Disturbing Me.
35 cheHIvbe' You (Plural) I Don't Attack Us
36 tuHIvbe' You (Plural) I Don't Attack Me
37 boHIvbe' You (Plural) I Don't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
38 cheHIvlaHbe' You (Plural) Can't Attack Us
39 boHIvlaHbe' You (Plural) Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
40 cheHIvlaH You (Plural) Can Attack Us
41 ne' Yeoman
42 tel Wing
43 Qach (To) Wield (An Ax, Club, Mace)
44 nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e', Where is The Bathroom?
45 maQong We Sleep
46 maQongbe' We Don't Sleep
47 pIHIvbe' We/I Don't Attack You (Singular)
48 reHIvbe' We/I Don't Attack You (Plural)
49 DIHIvbe' We Don't Attack Them
50 wIHIvbe' We I Don't Attack Him/Her/It
51 maQonglaHbe' We Can't Sleep
52 pIHIvlaHbe' We Can't Attack You (Singular)
53 reHIvlaHbe' We Can't Attack You (Plural)
54 DIHIvlaHbe' We Can't Attack Them
55 wIHIvlaHbe' We Can't Attack Him/Her/It
56 maQonglaH We Can Sleep
57 pIHIvlaH We Can Attack You (Singular)
58 reHIvlaH We Can Attack You (Plural)
59 DIHIvlaH We Can Attack Them
60 wIHIvlaH We Can Attack Him/Her/It
61 pIHIv We Attack You (Singular)
62 reHIv We Attack You (Plural)
63 DIHIv We Attack Them
64 wIHIv We Attack Him/Her/It
65 nuHpIn Weapons Officer
66 nuHmey Weapons
67 nuH Weapon
68 QIS Wavy-Bladed Knife
69 pIvghor Warp Drive
70 wornagh Wamog
71 QaS Troops
72 jolpat Transporter, Transporter System
73 jolpa' Transporter Room
74 baQ (To) Toss (A Bat-Leth) From One Hand To The Other
75 Qong (To) Sleep
76 bach (To) Shoot
77 cha Torpedoes, Missiles
78 peng Torpedo, Missile
79 DuS Torpedo Tube
80 HIv (To) Attack
81 chuyDaH Thrusters
82 chaQ (To) Thrust (with either point at the end of a bat'leth's blade)
83 jop (To) Thrust (with a bat'leth's full blade)
84 neHjej Thistle
85 Do'Ha' That is Unfortunate.
86 nIHIvbe' They Don't Attack You (Singular)
87 luHIvbe' They Don't Attack Him/Her/It
88 nIHIvlaHbe' They Can't Attack You (Singular)
89 luHIvlaHbe' They Can't Attack Him/Her/It
90 nIHIvlaH They Can Attack You (Singular)
91 luHIvlaH They Can Attack Him/Her/It
92 nIHIv They Attack You (Singular)
93 luHIv They Attack Him/Her/It
94 runpI' Teapot
95 ya Tactical Officer
96 yanwI' Swordfighter
97 yan (To) Wield (A Sword)
98 'etlh Sword, (Any) Blade
99 yan Sword
100 bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh Surrender Or Die! bi-JEGH-be -choogh vaj bi-KHEGH The sentence, "Surrender or Die!"
101 naQjej Spear
102 char (To Be) Slimy
103 yIQong Sleep! (Command, Given To One Person)
104 peQong Sleep! (Command, Given To A Group)
105 Duj Ship, Vessel
106 botjan Shields (Force Field)
107 yoD (Hand-Held) Shield
108 jabwI' server (waiter, waitress)
109 bu' Sergeant
110 yaS cha'DIch Second Officer
111 tlharghDuj scout vessel
112 QeDpIn Science Officer
113 Sorya' HIq Saurian Brandy
114 ghevI' sauce for gagh
115 romuluS HIq Romulan Ale
116 Qe' restaurant
117 raHta' Racht
118 pa'mey quarters
119 tlhorgh (to be) pungent
120 ghuS (to) prepare to launch (a torpedo)
121 vut (To) Prepare (Food Or Drink)
122 pIpyuS pach Pipius Claw
123 yaSpu' Officers
124 yaS Officer
125 naHlet Nut
126 qay'be' No problem!
127 tuQDoq Mind-sifter, Mind-ripper
128 HIDjolev Menu
129 meqleH Mek'Leth
130 ghanjaq Mace
131 megh Lunch
132 tlher (to be) lumpy
133 Sogh Lieutenant
134 qutluch Kut'Luch (Associated with Klingon assassins)
135 taj Knife
136 bal Jug, Jar, Bottle
137 Qo' I won't do it! I refuse!
138 jIyaj I understand.
139 jIQong I Sleep
140 Hongghor Impulse Drive
141 jIwuQ I have a headache.
142 jIyajbe' I Don't Understand.
143 jIQongbe' I Don't Sleep.
144 jISaHbe' I Don't Care.
145 qaHIvbe' I Don't Attack You (Singular)
146 SaHIvbe' I Don't Attack You (Plural)
147 vIHIvbe' I Don't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
148 bo'Dagh'a' lo' Use A Big Scoop = Exaggerate
149 ngaQ lojmIt The Door is Locked = The Situation Has An Unavoidable Outcome, Plans Can Not Be Changed, There's Nothing Anyone Can Do About It NGAKKH loj-mit Idiom. A door is seen as a symbol of escape, so to say that the door is locked means that there is no escape route, thus, that plans cannot be changed or that an outcome is unavoidable.
150 bIQ ngaS HIvje' The Cup Contains Water = Be Quite Mistaken, Be Totally Wrong bikkh ngash KHIV-je Idiom. Klingon warriors would rather drink anything than water, and if a warrior's cup contains water, it indicates that something is seriously wrong.
151 may' bom pIm bom Sing A Different Battle Song = Speak Of Another Matter Entirely
152 vaj Duj chIj Navigate A Warrior's Ship = Have Strength Of Character
153 jop 'ej way' Lunge And Deflect (Bat'Leth Maneuvers) = Have An Argument
154 qagh HoH Kill Gagh = Do Something Counterproductive
155 Dujmey law' chIjpu' Has Navigated Many Ships = is Experienced
156 yItaD Be Frozen! (yItaD is Used When Speaking To One Person) = Don't Move! Stay Put!
157 petaD Be Frozen! (petaD is Used When Speaking To A Group) = Don't Move! Stay Put!
158 wa'maH cha' pemmey wa'maH cha' rammey je 12 Days And 12 Nights = A Long Time
159 tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhlaHbe' I Can't Speak Klingon.
160 jIQonglaHbe' I Can't Sleep
161 qaHIvlaHbe' I Can't Attack You (Singular)
162 SaHIvlaHbe' I Can't Attack You (Plural)
163 vIHIvlaHbe' I Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
164 jIQonglaH I Can Sleep
165 qaHIvlaH I Can Attack You (Singular)
166 SaHIvlaH I Can Attack You (Plural)
167 vIHIvlaH I Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them
168 qaHIv I Attack You (Singular)
169 vIHIv I Attack Him/Her/It/Them
170 SaHIv I Attack You (Plural)
171 chay' How Did This Happen? What's Going On?
172 vaH Holster (For A Pistol), Sheath (For A Sword)
173 DuHIvbe' He/She/It Doesn't Attack You (Singular)
174 lIHIvbe' He/She/It Doesn't Attack You (Singular) They Don't Attack You (Plural)
175 nuHIvbe' He/She/It Doesn't Attack Us They Don't Aftack Us
176 muHIvbe' He/She/It Doesn't Attack Me They Don't Attack Me
177 HIvbe' He/She/It Doesn't Attack Him/Her/It/Them They Don't Attack Them
178 DuHIvlaHbe' He/She/It Can't Attack You (Singular)
179 lIHIvlaHbe' He/She/It Can't Attack You (Singular) They Can't Attack You (Plural)
180 nuHIvlaHbe' He/She/It Can't Attack Us They Can't Attack Us
181 muHIvlaHbe' He/She/It Can't Attack Me They Can't Attack Me
182 HIvlaHbe' He/She/It Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them They Can't Attack Them
183 lIHIvlaH He/She/It Can Attack You (Singular) They Can Attack You (Plural)
184 nuHIvlaH He/She/It Can Attack Us They Can Attack Us
185 muHIvlaH He/She/It Can Attack Me They Can Attack Me
186 HIvlaH He/She/It Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them, They Can Attack Them
187 DuHIv He/She/It Attacks You (Singular)
188 lIHIv He/She/It Attacks You (Plural) They Attack You (Plural)
189 nuHIv He/She/It Attacks Us They Attack Us
190 muHIv He/She/It Attacks Me They Attack Me
191 HIv He/She/It Attacks Him/Her/It/Them They Attack Them
192 lIHIvlaH He/She/It Can Attack You They Can Attack You
193 DeghwI' Helmsman
194 Degh Helm
195 targh tIq Heart Of Targ
196 Qong He/She Sleeps, They Sleep
197 Qongbe' He/She Doesn't Sleep, They Don't Sleep
198 QonglaHbe' He/She Can't Sleep, They Can't Sleep
199 QonglaH He/She Can Sleep, They Can Sleep
200 QIghpej Hand-Held Pain-Inducing Device
201 naDevvo' yIghoS Go Away!
202 tlhatlh Qladst
203 ghem Midnight Snack
204 Sa' General
205 qagh Gagh, Serpent Worms
206 naH Fruit, Vegetable
207 Soj Food (And Drink)
208 yaS wa'DIch First Officer
209 baH (To) Fire (A Torpedo)
210 lagh Ensign
211 jonpIn Engineering Officer
212 tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? Do You (Singular) Speak Klingon?
213 tlhIngan Hol bojatlh'a'? Do You (Plural) Speak Klingon?
214 jey'naS Double-Headed Ax
215 ghoHIvQo' Don't Attack Us! (Command)
216 tIHIvQo' Don't Attack Them! (Command)
217 HIHIvQo' Don't Attack Me! (Command)
218 yIHIvQo' Don't Attack Him/Her! (Command)
219 Daqtagh D'K Tahg Knife
220 nlswl' beH Disruptor Rifle
221 nISwI' HIch Disruptor Pistol
222 nISwI' DaH Disruptor Banks
223 nISwI' Disruptor
224 'uQ Dinner
225 'up (To Be) Disgusting, Repugnant
226 'ey (To Be) Delicious
227 way' (To) Deflect (A Bat'Leth's Thrust)
228 choQ Deck
229 Dargh Tea
230 HIvje' Cup, Drinking Vessel
231 Da' Corporal
232 vutwI' Cook, Food Preparer
233 QumpIn Communications Officer
234 totlh Commodore
235 la' Commander
236 laa' Commandant
237 HIghoS Come Here!
238 ra'taj Cofee With Liquor Added
239 qa'vIn Coffee
240 jeqqIj Club, Bludgeon
241 So'wI' Cloaking Device
242 chob Corridor
243 ngal (To Be) Chewy
244 chechtlhutlh Baceh'tluth
245 HoD quS Captain's Chair
246 HoD Captain
247 mangHom Cadet
248 'ech Brigadier
249 meH Bridge
250 bIreQtagh Bregit Lung
251 nIQ Breakfast
252 'Iw HIq Bloodwine
253 tlhorghHa' (To Be) Bland
254 toQDuj Bird Of Prey
255 bIjatlh 'e' yImev Be Quiet (Stop Speaking)!
256 qurgh Bean
257 HIjol Beam Me Aboard!
258 ghlntaq Battle Spear
259 may'luch Battle Gear
260 may'Duj Battle Cruiser
261 betleH Bat'Leth
262 chom Bartender
263 'uQ'a' Banquet, Feast
264 baqghol Baqghol
265 'obmaQ Ax
266 ghoHIv Attack Us! (Command)
267 tIHIv Attack Them! (Command)
268 HIHIv Attack Me! (Command)
269 yIHIv Attack Him/Her! (Command)
270 Ha'DIbaH Animal! (Invective)
271 SaSuj'a' Am I Disturbing You (Plural)?
272 nIch Ammunition
273 qaSuj'a' Am I Disturbing You (Singular)?
274 aj Admiral
275 'oH It
276 ghaH He/she
277 jIH I
278 nuqDaq Where?
279 ghorgh When?
280 nuq What?
281 HIja' Yes
282 wI' Tactical display
283 ghuH Alert
284 yaH Duty station
285 SuQ Toxic
286 Dun Wonderful
287 puj Weak
288 DIv Guilty
289 qej Grouchy
290 vaQ Aggressive
291 ngeD Easy
292 Dub Back
293 chor Belly
294 porgh Body
295 rol Beard
296 loch Mustache
297 ghu Baby ghoo Noun, for a newly born humanoid.
298 puq Child
299 loDHom Boy
300 vaghmaH Fifty
301 loSmaH cha' Forty-two
302 loSmaH Forty
303 wejmaH Thirty
304 cha'maH cha' Twenty-two
305 cha'maH wa' Twenty-one
306 cha'maH Twenty
307 wa'maH vagh Fifteen
308 wa'maH loS Fourteen
309 wa'maH wej Thirteen
310 wa'maH cha' Twelve
311 wa'maH wa' Eleven
312 ramjep Midnight
313 pemjep Midday
314 rep Hour
315 pem Daytime
316 DIS Year
317 'Ip Vow
318 tugh Hurry up!
319 Qoch Disagree
320 nargh Escape
321 lIj Forget
322 Qang Chancellor
323 veSDuj Warship
324 HaSta Visual display
325 qughDuj Cruiser
326 cha'pujqut Dilithium crystal
327 ghIH Sloppy
328 Qup Young
329 jItlhutlh I drink.
330 yoH Brave
331 tIn Big
332 ngeb False
333 jat Tongue
334 nuj Mouth
335 ghIch Nose
336 qogh Ear
337 mIn Eye
338 loDnI' Brother
339 SoS Mother
340 wa'Hu' Yesterday
341 cha'leS Day after tomorrow
342 jaj Day
343 nuQ Bother
344 Ho' Admire
345 jup Friend
346 jagh Enemy
347 QumwI' Communicator
348 qan Old (not young)
349 ngo' Old (not new)
350 wa'maH Ten
351 Hut Nine
352 chorgh Eight
353 Soch Seven
354 jav Six
355 vagh Five
356 loS Four
357 wej Three
358 wa' One
359 pagh Zero
360 lob Obey
361 chlj Navigate
362 mej Leave
363 Sov Know
364 HoH Kill
365 Sup Jump
366 yu' Interrogate
367 tIch Insult
368 qap Insist
369 QaH Help
370 Qoy Hear
371 muS Hate
372 jaH Go
373 lum Procrastinate
374 Haw' Flee
375 Suv Fight
376 je' Feed
377 pum Fall
378 jor Explode
379 lach Exaggerate
380 chup Suggest
381 'el Enter
382 tIv Enjoy
383 tlhutlh Drink
384 lobHa' Disobey
385 tlhaQ Funny
386 Hegh Die
387 Qaw' Destroy
388 jey Defeat
389 toj Deceive
390 tlhoch Contradict
391 chargh Conquer
392 qIv Knee
393 Qum Communicate
394 toS Climb
395 wIv Choose
396 ngor Cheat
397 tlha' Chase
398 qaD Challenge
399 lop Celebrate
400 jon Capture
401 je' Buy
402 pov Afternoon
403 pIch Blame
404 magh Betray magh Verb, to commit treason. Also to indicate, reveal.
405 jol Beam
406 tlhob Ask
407 chaw' Allow
408 qeS Advise
409 vang Act
410 chav Achieve
411 'oy' ache
412 DuQ stab
413 QIp stupid
414 Qe' Restaurant
415 yuch chocolate
416 vav Father
417 'oy'naQ painstik
418 majQa' Well done!
419 nuqneH Greeting
420 maH We
421 'ugh Heavy
422 Quch Happy
423 Hov Star
424 yuQ Planet
425 lu' OK
426 jIH Viewscreen
427 tepqengwI' Cargo carrier
428 nIn Fuel
429 yo' Fleet
430 'IQ Sad
431 tlhol Raw
432 tuv Patient
433 qur Greedy
434 QaQ Good
435 qab Face
436 Quch Forehead
437 nach Head
438 legh See
439 qet Run
440 bup Quit
441 leS Relax
442 Qan Protect
443 qaw Remember
444 yev Pause
445 SuH Ready!
446 DaH Now
447 qoS Birthday
448 ghargh Gagh
449 pItlh Done!
450 la'quv Supreme Commander
451 pu'HIch Phaser pistol
452 pu'beH Phaser rifle
453 pu' Phaser
454 nuHmey Arsenal
455 Ich Gun
456 veQDuj Garbage scow
457 HIchDal Airlock
458 pIH Suspicious
459 mach Small
460 Dogh Silly
461 rop Sick
462 quv Honored
463 bIt Nervous
464 qu' Fierce
465 qab Bad
466 'IH Beautiful
467 QeH Angry
468 tuH Ashamed
469 lIm Panic
470 maw Offend
471 no' Ancestors
472 qempa' Ancestor
473 vuv Respect
474 chegh Return
475 nej Look for
476 yIn Live
477 puqbe' Daughter
478 puqloD Son
479 vaghSaD wejvatlh loSmaH Soch 5,347
480 wa''uy' One million
481 wa'SaD One thousand
482 wa'vatlh One hundred
483 ram Night
484 po Morning
485 jar Month
486 Hogh Week
487 tup Minute
488 lup Second
489 'Ij Listen
490 nep Lie, Fib
491 Dev Lead
492 tlho' Thank
493 HaD Study
494 mev Stop
495 nIH Steal
496 tlhIH You all
497 SoH You
498 chaH They (people)
499 mut Selfish
500 qawHaq Memory banks
501 yuD Dishonest
502 Qatlh Difficult
503 Hom Bone
504 Iw Blood
505 mov Top of foot
506 qam Foot
507 not Never
508 peng Torpedo
509 'otlh Photon
510 Hap Matter
511 Dach Absent
512 ghItlh Write
513 voq Trust
514 Qam Stand
515 tagh Lung
516 Somraw Muscle
517 yeb Wrist
518 Ha' Let's go!
519 Qo'noS Kronos KKHO-nosh Noun, The Klingon homeworld.
520 lupDujHom Shuttlecraft
521 chIjwI' Navigator
522 Hong Impulse power
523 Hop Far
524 toch Palm of hand
525 chap Back of hand
526 ghop Hand
527 DeS Arm
528 jach Shout
529 DIr Skin
530 chu' New
531 'ejDo' Starship
532 Saqghom Landing Party
533 wej Don't do it yet!
534 naDev Here
535 pa' There
536 tlhIngan Hol Klingon language
537 tlhIngan Klingon
538 voDleH Emperor
539 Da' Corporal
540 Duy'a' Ambassador
541 may' Battle
542 rugh Antimatter
543 Daj Interesting
544 val Intelligent
545 Sey Excited
546 mIgh Evil
547 chIm Empty
548 tIq Heart
549 tlhon Nostril
550 wuS Lip
551 woS Chin
552 qevpob Cheek
553 yaj Understand
554 ngab Vanish
555 ngev Sell
556 tam Quiet
557 matlh Loyal
558 Huy' Eyebrow
559 quHvaj Dandruff
560 jIb Hair on head
561 Hob Yawn
562 naD Praise
563 woH Pick Up
564 qIm Pay attention
565 Sagh Serious
566 HanDogh Nacelle
567 jInargh I escape.
568 jIqu' I am fierce.
569 qatlha' I chase you.
570 bIqab You are bad.
571 jIQeH I am angry.
572 bItuH You are ashamed.
573 chomaw You offend me.
574 chovuv You respect me.
575 jIchegh I return.
576 qanej I look for you.
577 jIyIn I live.
578 jI'Ij I listen.
579 chotlho' You thank me.
580 jIHaD I study.
581 jImev I stop.
582 DanIH You steal it.
583 qaHoH I kill you.
584 maDun We are wonderful.
585 qaDev I lead you.
586 jISov I know.
587 qachargh I conquer you.
588 bIqej You are grouchy.
589 bIvaQ You are aggressive.
590 qapIch I blame you.
591 qabej I watch you.
592 jI'Ip I vow.
593 qaqotlh I tickle you.
594 qaDuQ I stab you.
595 chotIch You insult me.
596 bIQup You are young.
597 jItlhab I am independent.
598 jIyoH I am brave.
599 jIchav I achieve.
600 jItIn I am big.
601 jI'oy' I ache.
602 malop We celebrate.
603 bIqan You are old.
604 bIpum You fall.
605 Duy' It is defective.
606 qaHIv I attack you.
607 qatlhob I ask you.
608 HIlob Obey me.
609 jIchIj I navigate.
610 vIchup I suggest it.
611 bItlhaQ You are funny.
612 qawIv I choose you.
613 Do'Ha' That is unfortunate
614 tera'ngan Terran
615 jatlh Speak
616 jot Calm
617 Soy' Clumsy
618 ghobe' No
619 boH Impatient
620 bIr Cold
621 lugh Correct
622 butlh Dirt under fingernails
623 nItlhpach Fingernail
624 ngIb Ankle
625 yaD Toe
626 'uS Leg
627 DeSqIv Elbow
628 nItlh Finger
629 jol Transport beam
630 SuyDuj Merchant ship
631 botjan Shields
632 noch Sensor
633 jIjatlh I speak.
634 majot We are calm.
635 jIvang I take action.
636 bISoy' You are clumsy.
637 qaHo' I admire you.
638 qaQaw' I destroy you.
639 jIbIr I am cold.
640 qaqeS I advise you.
641 jIlugh I am correct.
642 qachaw' I allow you.
643 jIbel I am pleased.
644 maSuv We fight.
645 bIyuD You are dishonest.
646 chomagh You betray me.
647 Qatlh It is difficult.
648 vIghItlh I write it.
649 qavoq I trust you.
650 jIQam I stand.
651 chongor You cheat me.
652 qaqaD I challenge you.
653 jIba' I sit.
654 jIjach I shout.
655 qabach I shoot you.
656 cholobHa' You disobey me.
657 jIval I am intelligent.
658 jIQoch I disagree.
659 jISey I am excited.
660 qajon I capture you.
661 vIje' I buy it.
662 chonuQ You bother me.
663 vIngev I sell it.
664 bItam You are quiet.
665 jImatlh I am loyal.
666 jI'el I enter.
667 vItIv I enjoy it.
668 chonaD You praise me.
669 qawoH I pick you up.
670 jIqIm I pay attention.
671 jISagh I am serious.
672 qaQoy I hear you.
673 qamuS I hate you.
674 HItojQo' Don't deceive me.
675 jIQuch I am happy.
676 HItlhochQo' Don't contradict me.
677 ma'IQ We are sad.
678 jIjaH I go.
679 yIlIjQo' Don't forget.
680 jItuv I am patient.
681 HIje' Feed me.
682 bIqur You are greedy.
683 jIQum I communicate.
684 jIQaQ I am good.
685 jItoS I climb.
686 qalegh I see you.
687 jIqet I run.
688 jIbup I quit.
689 jIleS I relax.
690 qaQan I protect you.
691 qaqaw I remember you.
692 jIyev I pause.
693 jISup I jump.
694 qayu' I interrogate you.
695 jIqap I insist.
696 qaQaH I help you.
697 jIquv I am honored.
698 qajey I defeat you.


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