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Klingon Moderno para Brasileiros

While promoting Star Trek: Discovery, Netflix Brasil has launched a series of short Klingon lessons, entitled Klingon Moderno para Brasileiros, i.e. "modern Klingon for Brasilians". These 1-minute videos explain some Brasilian slang expressions and their Klingon equivalent.(1) The phrases were translated by Lieven L. Litaer, who also did the coaching for the Brasilian speaker.

Aula 1: Eita

youtube Lesson 1, uploaded 07 November 2017

ghuy'cha' - (a curse)

Aula 2: Nunca te pedi nada

youtube Lesson 2, uploaded 13 November 2017

not vay' qatlhob - "I never asked you for anything."

Aula 3: Vi, na boa.

youtube Lesson 3, uploaded 22 January 2018

bej'a', maqoch? - "You sure, pal?"


1 : (pt) Aprenda como falar “Nunca te pedi nada” em Klingon Moderno!, published 13 Nov 2017

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