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Klingon on TV

The Klingon language gets used more and more on TV. Besides advertisement and the Star Trek series, there are also some TV series, in which the language appears.

Real Klingon

Some TV series used real Klingon. The pronunciation of the actors isn't recommended however, because in general they hadn't any support of Marc Okrand:

  • In The Big Bang Theory, two of the main characters frequently speak Klingon.
  • In Buffy, some klingon characters are shown.
  • In Chuck, Bryce and Chuck are frequently speaking Klingon.
  • In Farscape, John Crichton spoke some Klingon words.
  • In Freakazoid, the main character speaks a few words in Klingon.
  • In Frasier, the title-giving character gives a speech in Klingon.
  • In Lucifer, one Klingon phrase is spoken..
  • In NCIS there was a man disguised as a klingon, who spoke two lines in Klingon.

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