Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project

The Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project (KSRP) takes its cue from a throwaway line in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. In this movie, a Klingon character (General Chang) barks out a line of Klingon for "to be or not to be" (taH pagh taHbe'), and another one (Chancellor Gorkon) remarks that one cannot appreciate Shakespeare without hearing it in the original Klingon. The KLI couldn't possibly pass up an opening like that, and so has a project to "restore" works of Shakespeare back to the original Klingon text, as it were. From this flowed the translations of Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing as well as several Sonnets translated by Nick Nicholas and Andrew Strader.

Sarah Ekstrom was KSRP Coordinator at the time of the Hamlet release. Since 2015, the job is done by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom.

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