List of Klingonists

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Real name Klingon name Remark
Appleyard, Anthony
Atherton, Christine vanya
Beckley, Laurel
Beesley, Ken
Blair, Stuart K'odak
Boese, Daniel Dep'ong
Buchberger, Ernst SaghwI'
Clegg, Paul Paul
Gromis, June Jar'agh Gromargh
Jekat, Astrid taj'IH
Jones, Bryan Se'noj
Kounenos, Michael Dana'an
Mandel, Mark marqem
Myers, Heather
Myhrer, Donna
Morse, Daniel peHruS
Peeters, Thorwald qa'pIn qI'meQ
Peschier, Jarno peSHIr
Rodrigues, Nicolau ghaHbe'wI'
Seifert, Ludwig SuvwI'noy
Smith, Letty DrujIv
Stapp, Lisa
Webley, Jonathan joqral
Weaver, Steve Soqra'tIS
Whiteacre, Matt Do'val
Wiersma, Christa QISta'
Wilkinson, Steven Qo'DamaH
Wilson, Brad gheyIl
Willmerdinger, Bill Qob
Wyman, Rachel r'Hul
Zay, Eric SuSvaj

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