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Klingonský slovník (Czech for "Klingon Dictionary") is the title of the Czech translation of The Klingon Dictionary, published in 2008. It was translated by Klingonist Viktor Horák, who uses the Klingon name QaroH. After completing the translation, which he did enthusiastically in his spare time, printing out and cross-checking every entry countless times to achieve absolute precision, QaroH managed to find an enlightened publisher (Triton) to introduce the Klingon language to Czech readers. All known errors by Okrand in TKD have been corrected and, with kind permission granted by KLI, the vocabulary has been expanded with new Klingon words (included in a separate section), making the Czech translation the most complete version of this dictionary to date. Due to its expanded vocabulary, it contains many more pages than TKD.


Author Marc Okrand
Translator Viktor Horák
Published 2008
Publisher Triton
ISBN 978-80-7387-196-3
Pages 280
Size 110 x 165 mm
Weight 232 g

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