Kol-Sha is the name of a Klingon character seen in the episode 2.03 "Point of Light" of Star Trek: Discovery. The Klingon spelling is not known. Kol-Sha is the father of General Kol.

It is not clear whether it was intended or a coincidence that Kol-Sha sounds identical to the phrase qol Sa', which was used as the title of his son "General Kol" in the first season.

Kol-Sha is portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell, who also played Kol.

Other characters from this show

Name Klingon spelling Source for spelling Actor Season
Dennas DennaS Netflix Subtitles Clare McConnell 1
Kol qol Netflix Subtitles Kenneth Mitchell 1
Kol-Sha unknown - Kenneth Mitchell 2
L'Rell lIr'el STLV Mary Chieffo 1 + 2
Or'Eq 'or'eq Netflix Subtitles David Benjamin Tomlinson 1
Tenavik unknown - Kenneth Mitchell 2
T'Kuvma tIquvma STLV Christopher Obi 1
Ujilli 'ujIllI' Netflix Subtitles Damon Runyan 1
Voq voq STLV Shazad Latif 1

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